Obama: ‘Birtherism’ Is From ‘The Good Old Days’ … ‘Now, It Doesn’t Even Make It To The Top Ten List Of Crazy’

October 29, 2022

Weekend is slow to the news cycle this Saturday afternoon. Still, politics continue to blare itself onto the media, thusly onto us the doomscrolling addicts of bad shit, but for now, most of that nasty shit is everywhere — you don’t have to really search.

A glimmer of yesteryear in the act from the political superstar of the era — Barack Obama in Milwaukee today:

Obama, in Wisconsin campaigning for Wisconsin’s Lt. Gov Mandela Barnes, the black Democratic Party nominee going against Republican humongous-asshole Sen. Ron Johnson, also touched upon the difference in crazy over the past few years — how quaint the T-Rump’s ‘birtherism’ conspiracy theory compared to the shit spewed nowadays by wingnutters (Raw Story):

“I know that there are some folks, probably maybe not in this auditorium, but elsewhere in Wisconsin, who think — and I know these ads are running this way — but just because Mandela’s named Mandela, just because he is a Democrat with a funny name, he must not be like you, he must not share your values,” Obama said.
“I mean, we’ve seen this,” he said. “It sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?”

“So Mandela, get ready to dig up that birth certificated,” Obama said to applause from the crowd and Gov. Tony Evers.

“Remember when that — that’s the good old days,” he said. “Remember when that was the craziest thing people said? Think about that. Like, that wasn’t that long ago, everybody was like, ‘that is some crazy stuff.’ Now, it doesn’t even make it to the top ten list of crazy.”

Scrolling the InterWebs is a matter to not let it bring you down:

Quaint or not, here we are once again…

(Illustration out front, ‘Tête d’Arlequin,’  by Pablo Picasso, and found here.)

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