T-Rump Bomb-Dump: Classified Papers ‘In The Shower’

June 9, 2023

End of the work week this late-afteroon Friday here in California’s Central Valley — yet just the beginning of the weekend and T-Rump’s nasty, shitty little dance with the law.

One of the best explainers of this whole T-Rump classified documents indictment deal can be found at Politico (h/t tengrain), and well beyond my meager understandings and energy levels.

I do seek the dumbass, weird stuff — a nasty, gold-lined toilet piled with top-secret papers:

Nutshell of the shower scene (Daily Beast):

In one exchange, Trump employees discuss whether they can move some of Trump’s boxes of documents out of a Mar-a-Lago business center so that staff could use the space as an office.

“Woah!! Ok so potus specifically asked Walt for those boxes to be in the business center because they are his ‘papers,’” one Trump employee texted to another, referencing Walt Nauta.

The two employees then go back and forth discussing what they could move to storage.

“There is still a little room in the shower where his other stuff is,” one employee texted. “Is it only his papers he cares about? Theres some other stuff in there that are not papers. Could that go to storage? Or does he want everything in there on property.”

“Yes,” the second employee responds. “Anything that’s not the beautiful mind paper boxes can definitely go to storage.”

A toilet storage indeed:

Also, check at Axios this afternoon for more pix of the bathroom and not-toilet paper.

One area of this crazy-ass shit is the 2024 presidential race from Joe Biden’s angle. So far Joe and his direct people have been quiet about the indictment, allowing Merrick Garlad’s DOJ ( especially Special Counsel Jack Smith) to carry the fight, handle the floodlights, and showcase the illegal asshole functions of the T-Rump. The criminal shit might influence a possible Biden/T-Rump rematch in November 2024 — a hard, grueling nearly 18 months ahead, but it works in Biden’s favor.

In such a point, Chris Smith at Vanity Fair this afternoon looks at the quickly-approaching future:

All the legal uncertainty surrounding the former president complicates the picture somewhat. Two things seem fairly certain, though. Trump will continue to try to use the prosecutions as badges of martyrdom, and his hard-core followers will buy into that narrative. Maybe that will be enough to allow Trump to again emerge from a fractured Republican primary field. How it would play in a general election—where Biden’s allies, if not the president’s campaign, would likely then spend heavily to highlight Trump’s dubious legal record for swing voters—is more difficult to forecast. But the president’s highly disciplined team won’t allow itself to get caught looking that far ahead, and certainly not speculating about it to reporters. Instead, it will continue to promote Biden’s first-term accomplishments and draw attention to the restoration of relative normalcy in Washington. “America has made up its mind on the personalities of Trump and Biden,” the presidential adviser says. “It’s going to come down to, What have these people done for me?” That was the greater significance of the president’s Oval Office speech pegged to the resolution of the debt ceiling crisis—not the policy details, but underscoring Biden’s “bipartisan” message by reaching the deal.

Many more questions and explanations ahead in this crapshoot legal wrangle with a wet, slippery weasel.

Showercap for reading, or no,t once again here we are.,.

(Illustration out front found here.)

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