September 10, 2023

A way-short and spicy post this early-evening Sunday here in California’s Central Valley — a glimpse into an appalling horror of the unmitigated T-Trump as an asshole, brain-dead, ‘deplorable‘ dipshit.

In all this time, I’ve been unaware — a SNL sketch from 2016 is still way-pertinent for right now:

Again, this a reflection of reality from yesterday in the most positive approach to delusional-fed cruelty:

(Image found here.)

And to close out his quick-tracked, cut-n-dry entry, an ode to something T-Rump will never, ever do — “I’ll face myself,”: yeah right:

Vile, sick or crazy, or not, yet once again here we are…

(Creepy, vile, and dangerous image out front found here.)

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