John Fetterman’s Hoodie Saga (Add-On)

September 19, 2023

Bright and slightly warmish a few minutes past the noon hour here in California’s Central Valley — another handsome, pre-fall wonder as the grind of life continues, hopefully.

Meanwhile, as Republicans lose more and more sense, they’ve knotted themselves into a horseshoe bend in not knowing up from down, yesterday from today, and how to govern — the House GOP is a shambles (most likely leading to a possible government shutdown at the end of this month), and John Fetterman’s hoodie attire in the Senate is causing great consternation among the asshole creatures of high morals combined with mindless turpitude.
If one thing offends MAGA-hatters it’s not wearing a freaking tie to sabotage democracy.

Clutch the pearls and cry into the wind:

Filipkowski at Meidas Touch this morning traces the foul-faced, foolish MAGA faux outrage:

As a personal disclaimer, I will note that I hate wearing dress clothes. I have been a trial lawyer for 28 years and wear casual clothes to the office, in the office and home. The only time that I wear dress clothes is when I have to go to court, and that is only because they make me. So, I am quite empathetic to Fetterman’s plight.

To say that Republicans have overreacted to the new rules (or lack of rules) is an understatement. You would think that western civilization has collapsed every time Fetterman saunters through the halls in gym shorts. Meanwhile, Fetterman seems to relish the chance to spar with right-wingers over his attire, which has made for great comedy over the last two days.


At the end of the day, none of this matters a whole lot. Attitudes about dress are constantly changing. When younger generations see old photos of corduroy jackets and wide knit ties with long hair in the 70s they laugh. They also laugh at Gen Xer mullets and skinny ties. Every poll shows that Gen Z and Milennials prefer casual attire for work, and many companies have changed their dress codes to accommodate changing attitudes about formal dress. Many restaurants have as well.

With so many critical issues to address this legislative session, Republicans can continue to obsess over Fetterman’s hoodie, while Democrats get things done.

In the midst of all the Republican/right-wing/Fox News rant/raving-bullshit, Fetterman taps into Boebart’s family values art of a night out (Update later — Lauren’s name is misspelled, though, I always think of her as a ‘Bart,’ instead of a ‘Bert,’ sorry):::

Off we go to the races.


Susan Collins becomes very concerned about hoodies leading into a wretched visual:

Hoodie time in government, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: ‘Art Critic’ by Norman Rockwell, found here.)

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