Scream On Republicans, Scream On — Government Shut-Down Ahead And It’s All Your Screaming Fault!!

September 21, 2023

End of another month quickly approaches and is in easy sight this early-evening Thursday here in California’s Central Valley — hard to actually believe/contemplate it’s beyond mid-September already, with even a New Year rapidly just around the perpetual corner as time sure as shit waits for freaking nobody.
Shit coming at us full throttle and there’s not really much we can do about it.

I’ve been surfing (and silently screaming) through the afternoon news, doomscrolling without effort, and it’s an anxiety-inducing, sad-as-shit operation in this particular section of the nowadays as just about every f*cking inch of the InterWebs is chocked-full of horror in full splendor. In which case led to the opening mini-rant above, though, really is just a minor, small screed on how shitty the future — both immediate and in the short/long term — with very few ways to circumnavigate the onrushing shitstorm/clusterf*ck the US and the world will experience in the coming months and the next year or so. Shit is about to get way real.

All of this from the bowels of Republicans — hard to believe they are as shitty, immoral, and cruel as they actually are in reality.
Now we’re facing another government shutdown in less than 10 days (CNN): ‘Speaker Kevin McCarthy sent his House members home for the week without a clear plan to avoid a looming government shutdown after hardliners in the Republican conference once again scuttled his spending plans, delivering an embarrassing floor defeat for GOP leadership for the second time this week.

All on MAGA heads and all to keep T-Rump from jail:

And to close us ranting-out with some gut-clinching humor — would be really, really funny if it wasn’t so f*cking shitty in reality:

Some GOPers know right from being asshole shitty, and they know a good Speaker from a McCarthy piece-of-useless shit — The New Republic this morning:

Mike Lawler, a moderate Republican, slammed his fellow party members. “They have to come to a realization: If they are unable or unwilling to govern, others will. And in a divided government where you have Democrats controlling the Senate, a Democrat controlling the White House, there needs to be a realization that you’re not going to get everything you want,” he said.

“Just throwing a temper tantrum and stomping your feet, frankly, not only is it wrong—it’s pathetic.”

Tim Burchett criticized Republicans for being “very dysfunctional right now.” He then made a rare and shocking admission: “Speaker Pelosi, love her or hate her, she put something out there and they’d rally around it.”

Close-us-down, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: Edvard Munch‘s ‘The Scream,’ lithograph version, found here.)

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