Jimmy Carter Still Kickin’ At 99 — Happy Birthday!

October 1, 2023

(Illustration: ‘Jimmy And Rosalynn Carter,’ art print by illustrator Tom Bachtell, and found here.)

Today Jimmy Carter turns 99 — he’s celebrating along with Rosalynn down in Georgia seven months after entering hospice care, supposedly considered on his last legs. And in reality, much like the best of the Carter life, he’s gone beyond all expectations and maybe is also getting ready to welcome the century mark next year.
He keeps on keeping on: ‘In February, doctors told Carter’s family he would likely not live more than a week. Yet, he is still watching the news and “Law and Order” on TV and talks to family and close friends about current issues and past events.

Happy, happy wishes from Joe:

And, too,  a shout-out/happy birthday from Obama:

Carter is a national treasure, both he and Rosalynn — he’s more valued for what he’s done after he left the presidency than his actual time in office. A good man and a so-so president.
And Carter was most-likely the last actual American-history president — political life has way-not been the same since Ronald Reagan and the shit-start to the MAGA side of the Republican cruel, shitty, and hair brain legacy.
I have always wondered if Carter had been re-elected in 1980. Just asking.

Wonder and wonder.

A clip of the celebration:

Hopefully this time next year another birthday, or not, yet once again here we are…

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