Crazy, Time-Blasting Republicans

September 28, 2023

Pleaxsently sunshiney-warm this early-evening Thursday here in California’s Central Valley — so far, one of the best autumns ever with gentle temperatures and a slight, easy breeze.
In our current nice weather is a pessimistic offer of a horrid coming winter, involving what wonderment now, but worse coming back around.

Despite a shitload of news events swirling around this week, I haven’t gathered up the energy to write, thus leaving a giant hole no new posts this week at all — first long, unwieldy break with content in a goodly while. Although I doomscroll the shit out of the IbterWebs two/three times a day (I’ve got a daily routine I follow scrupulously), though, maybe I’m too anxious to seek the strength to write on shit after shit after shit with no real, hopeful end game at all. News on all fronts sucks through a way-small straw.
Plus an old gou can lose his mental shit fairly easily — just seemingly get overwhelmed with the carless, random bullshit of nowadays. Especially the acid, toxic horror of Repubicans.

A huge, humongous chunk of Americans — festered by MAGA assholes in Congress (and pretty-much elsewhere, too) — are up shirt creek without a mental paddle and don’t care. They’re here for the cruelty.
Of course, across the vaporous news cycle is the T-Rump — he’s losing his ass in all directions. First on Monday and the property-upheaval fraud case in New York, yesterday the dumb-ass pitch of “union workers” at a non-union factory (even fraud on sign-carrying T-Rump supporters), and today supposedly the Orange-bronze-red asshole dropped his intent to move his RICO Georgia case to federal court — probably already know it won’t work (won’t even waste/delay time) and the legal shit is getting ready to hit the good-sized fan. We hope!

Beyond the clown-car show of the GOP debate last night where there were stories to tell and retell — Alexandria Petri at The Washington Post this morning once again nails the whole scary show. And, of course, not to mention the assh9ole House Republicans who are going to most-likely down the country starting Sunday (or midnight Saturday)while doing exactly nothing to cage the end result. During the endless bullshit, it’s been proven Kevin McCarthy is worthless as shit, but he’s really dealing with some worthless pieces of shit from Matt Gaetz and the rest of the asshole MAGA noodles in the House. Anti-Ukraine but for pro-child hunger. Despite the picture standing straight in front of everybody, there’s probably going to be a shutdown of the US government this weekend and it could last no telling how long, and shit a lot of weird-ass, unnecessary stuff.
Bordering on that Republican insanity, there’s the Joe Biden impeachment inquiry which cranked up this morning. The White Hosue noted: ‘“Today, House Republicans wasted hours peddling debunked lies, even as their own witnesses admitted there is no evidence that merits this baseless stunt. This flop was a failed effort to distract from their own chaos and inability to govern that is careening the country towards an unnecessary government shutdown that will hurt American families.”

Yet here is where my interest was sweetened. Especially in light of how shitty and empty the Republican case against Joe, and the front-sided, mess created by worthless Republicans to ease the shine on the criminal agency known as the T-Rump.
A straight right on to Rep. Maxwell Frost of Florida:

Via Raw Story:

Republicans on the committee called three witness to testify: Fox News contributor and George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley; Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Eileen O’Connor; and Bruce Dubinsky, a forensic account. Notably, none of these witnesses were fact witnesses, but rather experts in their respective fields. Nevertheless, the GOP’s witnesses – especially Turley – seemed skeptical about the evidence presented so far.

“This fake impeachment is based on desperate political calculation, not any evidence,” Frost declared. “And Mr. Chairman, you say this hearing is to establish the basis for this fake sham impeachment hearing, but these witnesses are not giving us any basis or giving us any evidence.”

Comer interrupted but Frost reclaimed his time.

“These witnesses are not giving any answers,” Frost continued. “They’re just asking more questions. We have one witness who has a lot of questions – Ms. O’Connor –, Dubinsky – one witness who knows something about accounting but has no real involvement in what’s going on –, and Mr. Turley’s stopping here on his way to his next Fox News hit.”

As he spoke O’Connor could be seen on camera with her jaw agape, as if to be in disbelief at Frost’s dismissive remarks.

“This is not a serious inquiry,” he went on. “Impeachment is something that’s very serious and we have to ensure we focus on the wants and needs of the American people. This is all for nothing.”

There was a lot of coverage of the circus today and there are plenty of recaps online and great work by Demorcats in easing the zero quality of the scam.

Meanwhile, Joe aims true with a speech in Phoenix, Ariz.:

Further from Joe per NPR:

President Biden on Thursday said democracy in America is at risk, and urged Americans of all political backgrounds to recommit to support the Constitution and democratic institutions.

“We know how damaged our institutions of democracy — our judiciary, the legislature, the executive — have become in the eyes of the American people, even the world, from attacks within, the past few years,” Biden said, citing the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol by supporters of his predecessor Donald Trump.

“We should all remember: democracies don’t have to die at the end of a rifle. They can die when people are silent — when they fail to stand up or condemn threats to democracy,” Biden said.

We can do at least one vital, freaking thing — vote!

Crazy-insane Republican, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: ‘A Break in Reality,’ by Xetobyte, found here.)

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