Birthday! An Old Guy Way-Quickly Gets Much Older

November 29, 2023

I’m 75-years old today, and was freakin’ born on a Monday — WTF!

(Image found here.)

In the passion of time, today was formed from just yesterday, or maybe 1978 (when I was 30). Seemingly, after I turned 70 in 2018, it’s so like I aged a shitload in only five years, with a surge in health-related bullshit and a general, overall sense the end is rushing up toward me without any kind of hesitation. Aging is weird as shit!
Of course, I’ve been getting old since that first Monday, but it’s that shitty-freak feeling of time warping faster as the years pile up.

Apparently, time speeding-up-as-you-get-older thingie is somewhat normal:

There’s another theory as to why time seems to speed up as we grow older. It was first put forward by French philosopher Paul Janet in 1897. It’s sometimes known as ‘log time’. It’s that as we age, a year becomes a smaller fraction of our entire lives up to that point.

A year for a 5-year-old is one fifth (or 20 percent) of their life so far, but a year to a 50-year old is one fiftieth of their life (or 2 percent of it) so it seems to pass ten times faster. If you’re 33, a year is 3 percent of your life so far, so time passes almost seven times faster than it did when you were five. Time for an 80-year-old passes almost in the blink of an eye, sixteen times faster than it does for a 5-year-old.

Getting old, too, creates a time where the bottom falls out of all kinds of shit, from the brain to the hips, knees and bowels. Yeah, the journey of life is really, really odd via memories. Mainly, as I uncovered, due to the near-sci-fi view we humans have on the aging process, we survey our personal history from a couple of angles — ‘a prospective vantage, while an event is still occurring, or a retrospective one, after it has ended‘ — while we plug along in life. I’ve found the ‘retrospective‘ one seems to carry the best vibe. Shit looks better from a distance, I guess.

And what seems to make this particular birthday somewhat unique is the high-speed fracture of time in the right-now, real-clock view of every day — I had cataract eye surgery three weeks ago tomorrow, but it sure-as-shit feels like yesterday. This morning becomes this afternoon and evening before you can even finish one cup of coffee. Our age/era is whiplashing quickly, whirling past in a near-blur, seeming on a train going pell-mell, full-steam the fuck downhill.
Conspicuously, getting old is out of control, not just for me, but everything, everywhere, all at once.
In the course of real-time right now, we’ve the impression we’re on a collision course head-on with something big, shitty, and immediately dangerous. Beyond the worldwide grisly shift to the far-right and authoritarianism (Hungary, Turkey, now the Netherlands, headliners among a shitload of other countries) — of course, here in the US, T-Rump and the cruel, lying-ass, and violent Republican MAGA nit-wits — there’s climate change boiling down on us right now (the COP meeting in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, this week is a horrible, hypocritical, and dangerously-sad piece of shit) where the most-pertinent point of science studies/reports is climate shit is worse than originally figured and is closer-at-hand than earlier predicted.
We are running out of time.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday!

And to close us out our time-travel, aging mini-essay — this song rang a seemingly much clearer bell 50-plus years ago; yet still bangs the fermenting, big-old gong today in full appreciation:

Advanced ancient, or not, yet once again here we are…

(Illustration out front: Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity)‘ found here.)

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