Legal-Bound T-Rump: ‘He Is Like A Walrus Snorting’ (Addendum — Days Of The Week And Eyesight)

February 14, 2024

(Addendums are supposed to be at the end of documents and other shit, but in this case, it’s being formulated at the beginning. In the lede below it has been pointed out to me, that although it’s noted as ‘early-evening Sunday,’ but here {Thursday morning} it’s obviously was supposed to be ‘early-evening Wednesday,’ and I feel like as a 75-year-old guy with recent eye surgeries and much brain damage over years of living idiotically I can get away with such dumb shit, but do not want to be categorized as in cognitive decline — ‘Person, woman, man, camera, TV‘ — and don’t know what the fuck day this is, or the time of day, or whatever.  Anyway, the entire copy-editing team has been sacked, along with the asshole in HR who hired the entire copy-editing team. We regret any inconvenience in what freaking/fucking day this actually is. In the words of the late-great Capt. Ray Holt: “I am chagrined.”).

Beyond the dangerous and crazy semi-outbreak of American-owned gun violence this early-evening Sunday, the T-Rump is still the past, present and future horror for this country. And how well is the Orange Turd depicted?
All elucidations should include that he’s a humongous threat to democracy along with being a really, really shitty person.

In the context-description of being shitty — from Jamelle Bouie’s op/ed in The New York Times yesterday:

Unfortunately for Biden, Trump benefits from something akin to the soft bigotry of low expectations. Because no one expected Trump, in the 2016 election, to speak and behave like a normal candidate, he was held to a lower effective standard than his rivals in both parties. Because no one expected him, during his presidency, to be orderly and responsible, his endless scandals were framed as business as usual. And because no one now expects him to be a responsible political figure with a coherent vision for the country, it’s as if no one blinks an eye when he rants and raves on the campaign trail.

Even this afternoon being obvious, out-in-the-open shitty:

The reality described for the degeneration of the T-Rump brain, which has been going on for decades and decades — E. Jean Carroll last month supplied some juice: ‘“He is like a walrus snorting and like a rhino flopping his hands … He is not there. That was the surprising thing to me.”

In my afternoon news scroll, I came across the most-excellent summary (best I’ve seen) of the shitty situation with the T-Rump — accurate, concise and complete, this on-spot analysis comes from Simon Rosenberg, writer and veteran progressive political strategist at his Sunstack blog, The Hopium Chronicles,” and captured the complete, shit-filled essence of the T-Rump (great h/t Digby):

MAGA is a failed politics. It lost in 2018, 2020, 2022 and 2023, and is losing 2024. And this struggle Republicans have seen could get worse for them in the coming months. Their nominee is far weaker than 2020. He is campaigning from the court house not the White House this time. He is far more degraded, extreme, dangerous. His performance on the stump more unhinged, erratic, distributing. Because of his decline and uncontrolled impulsivity, he is making huge traditional political errors – like coming out against the ACA – that cause candidates to lose elections all the time.

Additionally, there are at least seven things voters will come to learn about Trump they didn’t know in 2020 when he lost. He raped E. Jean Carroll in a department store dressing room. He and his family committed one of the largest financial frauds in American history. He led an insurrection against the United States, tried to end American democracy for all time and has promised to finish the job if he gains control of the Oval Office. He stole America’s secrets, lied to the FBI about it and shared these secrets with others. He and his family have corruptly taken more money from foreign governments while in and running for office than any family in American history. More than any other person in America, Trump is responsible for ending Roe and taking away the rights and freedoms of more than half the population. He has committed to side with Putin and end the Western alliance. I just don’t know how this horrible, serial betrayer of our country could possibly overcome all this to mount a serious campaign for the Presidency

If you can, go read the whole piece, really, really well written. Rosenberg knows his shit — sees the hope in the horror, though. He was on Lawrence O’Donnell’s show last night, which included a good round-up of the New York election with great-fun, political-numbers nerd Steve Kornacki (Rosenberg at 10:34):

And last night’s election round-up also included MSNBC‘s Joe Scarborough’s take on NY: ‘“Tom Suozzi was on the defensive on the issue of immigration until that happened, and when that happened, when Donald Trump killed the bill, the reporters up there say, the entire issue turned on its head. Suozzi leaned into it and won on the issue of immigration. Stop for a second, listen to what I just said: A Democrat won on the issue of immigration … Republicans lose again – 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, 2023, last night, and they aren’t just losing because the stars are aligned against them … They’re losing because one self-inflicted Trump wound after another. This is just the latest chapter and verse of that.”

Hope springs eternal, or at least for this year, yet here we are once again…

(Creepy, vile, and dangerous image out front found here.)

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