Words Exploding Spheres

February 15, 2024

Instead of an offshoot of some news item this early-evening Thursday here in California’s Central Valley — and there’s a shitload in way-many genres and categories — just a gut-clutching guffaw off something wonderfully and intrinsically simple-minded.

Smart-ass intellect (great h/t tengrain):

I had to Google the two definitions, but what a marvelous jolt when they came together. Just what the mental-health doctor would have ordered to compensate for the really, really shitty day in news events around this country. Especially in sound and fury. The horror of T-Rump and Republicans’ charges against governing and the system of American democracy — all in the asshole nothingness-shit of lying witnesses and overheated lawyers.

Words are beyond semantics:


Wordsmiths don’t make it easy — from 40 years ago:

Locution too dumb, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: Salvador Dalí’s ‘Galatea of the Spheres,’ found here.)

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