Sunday Serenade Shelter: Flashback ’90s Alt Rock — ‘Woo Hoo’

April 7, 2024

Instead of a dirge let’s get simple and nostalgic this Sunday early evening with some wonderful, wondrous alternate rock from the year 1997, and a flashback to a nice, seemingly more-easier time.
The 1990s were a blessing for rock music — maybe even better than my boomer rush of the British invasion in the 1960s. The ’90s seemed to unleash a sweet flavor to the rock scene.

I was an old guy even then, but the music was great.

This post’s origins come from this commercial I saw a few days ago — listen intently to the background music:

Yep, sonofabitch! That’s Blur and “Song 2” — a short, super-neat song:

Woo Hoo for chicken wings! Blur was kind of a one-hit wonder, but 1997 was just one year in the ’90s and there were some really, really dashingly-great songs in that period. Here’s a small sample of that.
First, one hot item was Third Eye Blind and “Semi Charmed Life” from the group’s first album:

Not to mention this corresponding tune off that same album, “Motorcycle Drive By,” I think a masterful treasure:

And “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground:

And “Crash Into Me,” from the Dave Matthews Band (a big splash group in the ’90s):

And to punch us out, “Walking On The Sun,” by Smash Mouth:

Pus a shitload of their great songs that year, like for instance, Sugar Ray and “Fly,” Foo Fighters and “Everlong,” The Wallflowers and “One Headlight,” and on and on — Buzzfeed has a list.

Rock on, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: ‘Shelter in the Storm,” found here.)

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