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French President Macron: Putin’s Destruction Of Ukraine — ‘The Worst Is Yet To Come’

March 3, 2022

Just a few minutes after the noon hour Thursday here in California’s Central Vally, as the real-time exposition of the devastation/massacre in Ukraine continues slipshod nasty for another day. News just goes bad to worse.…

Intellectual Historian: Vlad Putin ‘An Aging Man Facing His Own Death Had Decided To Destroy The Whole World’

March 2, 2022

Another Ukraine daily war episode — nearly a week’s worth now — and apparently from all indications the whole horrible affair could be nasty and long-lived until there’s an end or whatever nutcase Vlad Putin…

Vlad Putin ‘Increasingly Unhinged’

February 28, 2022

In context of the current civilian-war zone in Ukraine, I came across some interesting tidbits while doomscrolling the InbterWebs this afternoon, a goodly chunk maybe mainly on how Vlad Putin is an unhinged asshole who…