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Clueless ‘Coup’ Confession

July 15, 2021

Hot but not unpleasant this late-afternoon Thursday here in California’s Central Valley, though we’re forecast for another ‘mega-heat wave’ this weekend (happily about as bad as our last hot spell, but not as ‘mega’ as…

Insurrection/Sedition MAGA Hatters Plow Through — A Dramatic War-Zone Montage

March 22, 2021

January’s insurrection/riot at the US Capitol building is still fresh in the air, but the ghastly event was perpetrated by self-centered dimwits like this coffee-shop owner in Ohio: ‘“If you voted for Joe Biden, don’t…

Congressional Staffers Plead For Senate To Convict T-Rump, ‘And Bar Him From Ever Holding Office Again,’ All Due To The ‘Big Lie’

February 3, 2021

In the US right now, folks of a certain age have witnessed two major real-time events which shifted national action and discourse — the first was Sept.11, 2001, and the Twin Towers. The second just…