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Polls And More Polls — Looking Bad For Republicans

April 7, 2021

(Illustration: ‘Look, We’ve Got To Improve Our Voter-tracking,’ canvas print by Rpbert Mankoff, and found here). In an obvious reaction to the T-Rump and Republicans in general the past four years (especially the last couple),…

‘Infrastructure Week’ — For Real This Time!

April 4, 2021

Anyone who does any driving — Before Times and the COVID pandemic, of course — can see our roadways, bridges and assorted, related structures are shot-to-shit and have been in crappy-dangerous condition for a long…

Joe Biden’s Massive Infrastructure Plan Coming Today — Republicans Piously Object

March 31, 2021

Jolting Joe Biden continues on a roll as he’s expected to propose a $2 trillion infrastructure plan today during an event in Pittsburgh — supposedly the first of two parts, the ‘American Jobs Plan‘ would…