Dying in the dark

August 10, 2012

Seven US peoples have been killed in Afghanistan the last few hours, but where’s the political outcry?
The Washington Post laments:

Yet this may be the first presidential campaign in U.S. history in which an ongoing war fails to produce a significant debate.
Explicitly or implicitly, the candidates have successfully encouraged much of the media to accept the following conventional wisdom:
The war is a failure but is winding down; U.S. combat troops will be out by the end of 2014; and Obama and Romney agree on the strategy.

(Illustration found here).

One wonders: WTF!

Late Thursday, in another of those “green on blue” attacks in which guys in Afghan military uniforms shoot NATO troops, three US troops were shot dead in the south part of the country, this after four Americans were killed in a suicide bombing just the day before — no surprise at the horror.
The three gunned down were members of a U.S. Special Forces team overseeing recruitment and training of Afghan local police, and media offered no details, other than this: A spokeswoman for NATO-led forces in Afghanistan quoted by Reuters said, “All we know is that they were killed by an Afghan in a uniform of some sort.”
CBS News, however, did record this: The sources say it was one of the police officers who opened fire on his mentors during dinner on Thursday evening.

The day before, in eastern Afghanistan, four Americans were killed when a couple of suicide bombers denoated their explosive vests — three were civilian aid workers.
No further details were available on that incident.

This is f*cked.

There’s been nothing in the political bullshit-clown show that makes up the 2012 presidential campaign on this horrible, festered conflict that never will end — though the US/NATO are supposed to be back-pedaling out of Afghanistan starting next year.
War the last decade is also part and parcel of the ‘new normal.’

And neither Obama or Romney say anything, anything at all, about the war.
It’s as if it didn’t exist, maybe…

The candidates have a shared reason for ignoring Afghanistan.
It has stretched into the longest war in U.S. history, and Americans are tired of it.
With an anemic economy on the home front, pollsters say that voters want to hear a substantive discussion about jobs, taxes, government spending and health care – not about a murky conflict half a world away.

Obama doesn’t want to remind his liberal base that he more than doubled the number of U.S. troops in Afghanistan. His decision in late 2009 to send 30,000 more military personnel – made over the objections of Vice President Joe Biden and several of Obama’s most senior White House advisers – was deeply unpopular with Democrats, even though he pledged to begin reducing forces in 2011.

“I have been critical of the president’s decision to withdraw the surge troops during the fighting season, against the advice of the commanders on the ground,” Romney told the Veterans of Foreign Wars last month.
“President Obama would have you believe that anyone who disagrees with his decisions is arguing for endless war.
But the route to more war – and to potential attacks here at home – is a politically timed retreat.”
Those remarks were Romney’s most detailed public statement on the war since becoming the presumptive GOP presidential nominee.
But making a repeated case for a delayed drawdown has potential peril for him: Recent polls, including one conducted in April by The Washington Post and ABC News, show that a narrow majority of Republicans now think the war in Afghanistan is no longer worth fighting.
Among independents – to whom Romney must appeal – disapproval of the war jumps to 66 percent. No surprise that when Romney went overseas last month, he stopped in London, Jerusalem and Warsaw, not Kabul.

Obama by far is the most-disappointing president in all of US history.
And Romney really doesn’t matter — he’s an asshole idiot.

And neither one of these shitheads even make a peep about climate change — which makes a terror way-way-beyond any war to end all wars.
They’re stuck on “Romney Hood” and “Obamaloney.”
Oh, the humanity!

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