Laptop Lunacy

March 24, 2013

saupload_online_shopping_cartoonHello from the past. I’ve been involuntarily offline since Thursday — this laptop is a most-baffling mystery to me.
Regular readers might recall my near-new laptop (and another functioning old one) were stolen in January, and I went out and found this used two-year-old Dell, which began to have problems, too.

The Start Up program got shot to shit, or it malfunctioned, or was eaten, or whatever. Despite repeated attempts to revive her, over the course of two days, I thought she was gone for good. Yesterday, however, for no apparent reason, we’re back on the InterWebs.

(Illustration found here).

Machinery — car engines, hair dryers, computers — are pure crazy!

But we will survive without them, despite what we think:

“Could you imagine a life without a laptop, a mobile phone, an iPod and a Playstation? Can you imagine having just two or three TV stations which have a break in transmission in the afternoon and close before midnight?” I asked her.
“And not having Facebook, either,” I quickly added, before she could come up with an answer.
She thought about it, and said: “Well, I guess I’d get used to it somehow.”

Somehow that’s inspiring.

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