Ass punch — Earthquake!

October 11, 2013

earthquake-jakara-artJust got punched in the ass — a bold shove right up my chair.
And I knew the feel: Earthquake!

After jumping for the door, and feeling no immediate after shocks, I checked my USGS earthquake site, but nothing for my location. Maybe it was too fast. Maybe it really wasn’t an earthquake — but it sure had that feel.

I returned to ‘Scandal‘ on Hulu, and after a minute or two, rechecked the USGS — and sure, freakin’ sure: A pre-lim 5.0 about 50 miles west of where my ass got punched.

(Illustration found here).

The earthquake wasn’t that deep, indication was at about eight miles. Strange to feel the shaker, then a few minutes later have it pop up a red ball sitting just off the coast. And a 5.0 ain’t no baby — we get 2.5-3.0 shakers all the time, especially south where I am, so a 5.0 carries some weigh.
Our own best online/or otherwise news source, Lost Coast Outpost, has the bulletin.

The USGS site is a bookmark — I always keep an eye on local/worldwide movers and rollers. The site operates, despite a big box on the main USGS page with the bold-typed headline: Government Furlough — and below in smaller print, this explanation:

Due to a lapse in Federal funding, the USGS Earthquake Hazards Program has suspended most of its operations. While the USGS will continue to monitor and report on earthquake activity, the accuracy or timeliness of some earthquake information products, as well as the availability or functionality of some web pages, could be affected by our reduced level of operation.

What an ass-kicking crazy world right now, huh?
Just hope there’s no aftershocks, or whatnot.

Now, back to Miss Olivia Pope…

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