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Orange and Black vs Climate Change — Orange the Horror

September 17, 2019

Rainy and gray this early-evening Tuesday here on California’s north coast — more like a drizzle, but will get you soaking wet in minutes. Tomorrow rain forecast again with sunshine maybe on Thursday. Also tomorrow,…

Even Half-A-Century Later, Still No ‘Easy’ Ride

August 16, 2019

Clear and chilly-windy this Friday evening on California’s north coast — nice and comfortable shoreline weather abaft the Redwood Curtain. Not nice and not comfortable is the T-Rump — lack of any fiber whatsoever. The…

Climate Scientists/Research ‘Are Sounding an Alarm’

August 14, 2019

Sunshine, wind and blue skies this Wednesday late-afternoon here on California’s North Coast. We’re apparently in our warmth of summer (seaside definition of ‘warmth‘) with tomorrow’s temps maybe in the mid-70s. A dog walk/run in…