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MAGA Republicans Violently Propels ‘The Path To Chaos In America’ — Joe Biden Talks Straight

November 2, 2022

Less than a week now to those infamous midterms, and Joe Biden this afternoon pointed a righteous finger at the violent, nasty antics of MAGA Republicans in this serious, ugly fight for democracy. In a…

Joe Biden Calls Vlad’s War In Ukraine ‘Genocide’

April 12, 2022

In the case of the horrid criminal conduct of war in the Ukraine by Vlad Putin’s Russian army with stories of inhumane incidents all over the invaded country every day — Joe Biden is just…

Time Melt — Joe Biden Fist-Pumps KBJ!

April 8, 2022

Another end to another workweek this Friday evening here in California’s Central Valley, and a full week into a new month with a once new year spiraling along at such a quickened pace you just…