Joe Biden Still The Better Bet — Dropping Out ‘Foolhardy Nonsense’

June 30, 2024

Across the news cycle this Sunday afternoon is still the debate with supposedly everybody and his brother calling for Joe Biden to quit, throw in the towel, and walk away. Despite the obvious.

I want to scream.

Nancy Pelosi tagged the flipped reality: ‘“How can you have a legitimate debate when somebody is totally lying? You have to completely dispel their falsehoods … Why do we talk all about Joe Biden? [Trump] is old, he doesn’t have a stream of thought that is logical, and nobody says anything about that. You saw on one side of the screen integrity, concern for people. On the other side, you saw dishonesty and self-serving lies.”

History reflects a spotless mind:

Further in the archives is a sense — noted American historian Allan Lichtman, who in 1981 developed an election-prediction system he termed the “Keys to the White House” (and since then, except for the 2000 Gore/Bush SCOTUS episode, has accurately called all the presidential races), refuted the drop-out/resign shit as “all foolhardy nonsense” and it would be worse if Joe dropped out:

Additional shit via USAToday:

Lichtman, a professor at American University, rejected the growing chorus of political pundits and Democratic activists who have called on Biden, 81, to bow out of the presidential race after his disastrous debate performance last week against former President Donald Trump. The pivotal moment brought fresh questions about Biden’s age and ability to serve a second term.

“It’s a huge mistake. They’re not doctors. They don’t know whether Biden is physically capable of carrying out a second term or not,” Lichtman said during an interview with CNN of calls to replace Biden. “This is all foolhardy nonsense.”


Debate performance, however, is not one of the factors that determines the outcome of an election, he argued. Lichtman pointed to historical examples, including the 1984 election in which former President Ronald Reagan swept 49 states despite poor debate performances and concerns over his age.

When pressed about whether the questions surrounding Biden’s age and mental acuity are “fundamentally different” than his metrics as president, Lichtman doubled down.

“Debate performances can be overcome,” he said. “At the first sign of adversity the spineless Democrats want to throw under the bus, their own incumbent president. My goodness.”

Lichtman has not made his final prediction for who will win the 2024 presidential election.

Interesting times we reside in nowadays — gut-clenching, though.

Old-age recognition per Pearl Jam to close us out:

Fight back hard, or not, yet once again here we are…

(Illustration out front: ‘Joe Biden Painting,’ by Billy Jackson, and found here.)

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