‘Say His Name: George Floyd!’ — Merced Marches

May 30, 2020

In continuing protests of the police killing of George Floyd earlier this week in Minneapolis, several hundred people converged today on downtown Merced to show solidarity for the cause, and lend support for African-Americans being killed by police. Demonstrations have occurred all over the country, from Minnesota to New York to California — a federal officer was killed last night in Oakland, and in LA, there’s a curfew in place for Beverly Hills, due to a tense standoff right now between police and protesters in the Fairfax District.
This evening, at least eight states and DC have called upon the National Guard to help keep order.

My daughter participated in the Merced event, and included the following photos:

A few of the activists with signs; the crowd seems to be following safety guidelines for the coronavirus despite the social protest (Merced Sun-Star): ‘During Saturday’s protest, participants lined M Street, chanting “Say his name: George Floyd!” to passing traffic and holding signs calling for law enforcement reforms.

My daughter, Hannah, with her signs and mask: “As a white person, I think, we need to show solidarity with people of color, and as a white person we’re less likely to be killed by police and we are needed to be there to provide a buffer between people of color and police.”

Although currently sheltering-at-home, Hannah is in the process of working on her PhD at UCMerced.

More protesters and signs downtown Merced.

And the heart-core of the protest…

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