Exploding Tweet-Heads: ‘What Is Happening Here Is Beyond Basic Human Comprehension’

April 19, 2022

Sunshine and still air this early-evening Tuesday here in California’s Central Valley — cloudy and overcast for most of the day, and then for some reason,shifted to clear-blue skies late this afternoon.
Turn-about is fair play in wearthering the environment.

Meanwhile, the environment of reality on our planet is shitty and depressing. Constant pings of news flashes throughout the day, and during the day I scroll a select set of sources and sites, independent blogs and the MSM; the recycled results don’t change much from time to time, although the events/people/places/and things do, especially in its weirdness.
Some tweets to kind of capture the ambiance of the nowadays.

Definitely for sure, I’m getting a full dose of war. Ukraine has to be one of the most videoed/photoed conflicts that I can remember, and none of it good. War is up close and personal:

And of Mariupol, and on the receiving end of those tank blasts — Ukrainian Major Serhiy Volyna of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade (The Washington Post):

On Tuesday, Volyna described a city “demolished from the face of the earth.”
Scores of people lay under the rubble of burned houses and bombed-out buildings.
Crosses have sprouted in courtyards and on walls, and makeshift graves have pocked the city, harrowing reminders of the loss of human life.

“What is happening here is beyond basic human comprehension,” he said.

Yet to a flashback building up to the horror:

In retrospect, hard to imagine the T-Rump as president — how could that terrible, awful shit have happened? In the presence of the horribleness of the current Republican party — not to govern, but to shit on everything.
And in an explanation, there’s James Carville, one of my most-favorite guys talking straight up:

As the circle keeps circling, ending up back where we started:

Vlad Putin is beyond caring about a little hair being disheveled:

Here we are, once again…

(Illustration out front: Salvador Dali’s ‘Tête Raphaëlesque éclatée [Exploding Raphaelesque Head],’ found here)

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