Republican Rot

June 20, 2022

Warm-on-the-border of hot this early-evening Monday here in California’s Central Valley — in the low 90s today, but into triple digits starting tomorrow and lasting through rest of the week.
Summer catching up quickly.

Along with a shitload of sad, unnerving, frightful particulars buzzing around the nowadays, from the before mentioned gathering heat storm to gas prices sky-high (especially here in California), to inflation, to COVID, to no baby formula, to …what-the-shit, and on and on, there’s a democracy strangulation taking place in America. Deeply depressing doomscrolling the news three/four-maybe more times a day — the afternoon scroll is the worse; news soaks up all the bullshit by then. Overnight shit is usually worse, too early in the morning to scroll across horror.

One horror that’s insane beyond insane is the Republican party and how they are no longer regular people, but a sect all on its own — a bunch of what-can-you-describe-them assholes. Literal insanity. Blind to the glaringly obvious. Lying about lies and lying. Complete renouncing of reality — as with pure dumb-shit Mike Pence:

Here are two complete liars who are just running their mouths for insanity’s sake. Not a whisper of a grasp on less-than-half-an-ounce of sense. Pence was in the crosshairs of rioters agitated by the T-Rump — WTF Mike!
Remember, too, there are only two political parties in the US and one of them is pure-100-percent dangerously bonkers. So you can see the future is shitty,

Anyway, a nice Juneteenth, a new holiday for hope.
And here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: MC Escher’s ‘Old Olive Tree, Corsica‘ (1934). and found here)

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