Horrible Notion — What If T-Rump’s Coup Attempt Had Succeeded?

June 23, 2022

In advance of this afternoon’s House committee hearing on Jan. 6, a look at a near-miss in the horror of the T-Rump and America if the attempted coup had succeeded — lies cornered by lies:

Ivanka has her daddy’s blood.

In a must-read piece today by Robert Farley at Lawyers,Guns&Money, discussing the horror of the T-Rump and this country in the wake of a violent overthrow of the elected Joe Biden results and how the world would react — Farley originally wrote the article for the military-news blog 1945 earlier this week.
Main snips:

How would American foreign policy look different today if Trump’s attempted coup had succeeded? Had Trump held onto power we could today be looking at a significantly different constellation of global politics, both because of the damage the coup would have inflicted on America and because of differences in the worldviews of Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

It is perhaps most important to remember that if President Trump had managed to hold onto power through the extra-legal process he undertook on and before January 6, his second term would have been widely regarded as illegitimate both inside and outside the United States. Inside the country there almost certainly would have been substantial violence, including street-fighting and very possibly organized repression. Joe Biden would still have been recognized as President by most of the country, and Congress would have remained under Democratic control unless forcibly dealt with by Trump. Although it is difficult to sanction a country as large and as important as the United States, few foreign leaders would have rushed to recognize the legitimacy of Trump’s continued rule. On the domestic and international stage, American policy would have been in utter chaos following a successful coup. Substantial portions of the federal bureaucracy might either have resigned or determined to wage a war of paperwork to undercut Trump policy.

In short, a successful coup would have led to a colossal mess. It is not obvious that any of the coup plotters thought farther than a few days in advance of January 6. However, it is quite obvious that none of them had the long-term interests of the United States in mind when they tried to overturn the election.

A most-definite horror story. Go read the whole piece (at 1945) as Farley gets into the consequences with NATO, China, and especially Russia — a fairy tale to clinch the gut.

And maybe to just top-it-off, but just 47 years early:

Maybe later, but once again here we are…

(Illustration out front found here)

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