‘Big Bad Bald Bastard’ — RIP (UPDATE)

July 2, 2022


Horrible, heart-breaking news this Saturday morning — one of my most-personal favorite bloggers has died.
Known to me only as ‘Big Bad Bald Bastard,’ who conveyed a wondrous humane view of not only the whole, wide, wide world, but also a love-of-life living in Yonkers, New York — a combo sweetly found in his many, may posts.
So many, in fact, that I became a bit alarmed toward the end of this past week since he hadn’t posted since last Sunday. What was up with this?

And then about an hour ago, on my normal early scrolling routine, I came across ‘Homeless On The High Desert,’ and was informed the shit-news was in the comments of BBBB‘s last post, from his brother, and too, discovered BBBB‘s name — Mike.
Although those many posts didn’t usually pull a lot of daily comments, today’s section was apparent the guy had a shitload of readers, who also felt like me.

Here’s the brother’s message from yesterday:

Hello fellow fans of the great B4,

It’s with a heavy heart that I inform this wonderful bloggerhood of the passing of my brother Mike, AKA the Big Bad Bald Bastard, at the all-too-young age of 53. He was my best friend in this world, and I will feel this tragic loss every day, until the time comes for me to join him.

Peace to all of you, and thank you for all you did to enrich this forum, which my brother so cherished.

John G.

And shit, that sucked. No other details, other than he was way-way-way too fucking young!
Maybe BBBB — Mike — would appreciate the musical turn:

Despite the sad, here we are once again…

(Illustration above and out front: Vincent van Gogh’s ‘Old Man in Sorrow (On the Threshold of Eternity)‘ found here.)


I was cleaning out my draft file this morning when I came across some notes for a story I guess I was going to do, or something, that included a bit cut/paste off a BBBB post from April 2021 — in a take on how the actor Jim Cavaziel had been indulging in wild-ass conspiracy theories and such shit.
Of course, B4 had some choice observations on the actor’s idiocy, but his conclusion on Cavaziel’s role in that ‘religious torture porn film‘ from nearly 20 years ago hits the mark hard:

POSTSCRIPT: When The Passion of the Christ came out, I was dating a girl from Krakow. She mentioned the movie, and I told her, “You really don’t want to see it, it will only make you upset.” A couple of days later, I met her after work, and she asked me, “Are my eyes red? I’ve been crying all afternoon.” Sure enough, she had gone with a friend of hers to see the movie after their English class had ended. I immediately thought to myself, “Damn, it’s not just a movie about an innocent man being tortured and murdered, but you kinda know the guy… if you’re seeing it, you probably have a picture of him on your wall.”

So spot on it’s a wonder. I don’t know what the main subject matter I was working on with I noted that passage, but I’ll just leave this draft in the file as some sort of memorial. There were tons of examples over the years.

No more of this kind of stuff — a most-definite hole in my day, at least for a while, maybe longer.

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