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July 24, 2022

In this age of mass killings in public — an America-only horror story — this captures the emotion of the moment. I got a brief teary-eyed at the end (h/t tweet tengrain):

Although I haven’t read of any mass shootings hitting the national headlines today, there’s been at least 11 this weekend (according to Gun Violence Archive) — three today so far, eight on Saturday — with six people killed,  including two yesterday at a shooting at a park in Rockford, Illinois.
Also from the GVA: There’s been 368 mass shootings so far this year. Among those incidents (data via EducationWeek), 27 were school shootings, where 27 were killed — 24 students, three adults.

In context to mass killing the point of all this horror comes from white people with guns, who appear to kill other white people, be it fourth-graders or some random dude at a grocery store. In a new study/review, published Friday at ScienceDirect, compared by race/ethnicity of shooters and it’s a white thing.
From the Abstract:

White individuals in the United States (US) have historically had disproportionate access to firearms. The real-life availability of firearms, including those most lethal, may still be greater among White populations, manifesting in the number of victims in shootings … White shooters were overrepresented in mass public shootings with the most victims, typically involving legally owned assault rifles. To better understand the consequences when firearms are readily available, including assault rifles, we need a database of all US gun violence. Our assessment of total victims beyond fatalities emphasizes the large number of US gun violence survivors and the need to understand their experiences to capture the full impact of gun violence.

See video above.

Crazy, yet once again here we are…

(Illustration out front by Taylor Callery, and found here.)

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