Tweet Of The Moment: ‘No One In Their Right Mind Should Be Voting For Republicans’

November 4, 2022

Another tired, terrible toss at the coming election. If the bad happens, then the worse will follow. At a glance, it seems a shitload of people appreciate just how super-serious this set of midterms is and the consequence if the wrong people are allowed into the wrong places.

Of course, there’s only one outlet — no one with any sense votes Republican:

Susan B. Glasser at The New Yorker yesterday has the ‘dread‘ feeling on the upcoming election — it’s historical:

I have been around a lot of midterm elections. When Republicans retook the House of Representatives for the first time in forty years, in 1994, I was a young reporter at the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call. The red wave that boosted Newt Gingrich’s Republican revolutionaries to power in the House resulted in a fifty-four-seat pickup, and even many Democrats considered to have safe seats, including the Speaker of the House himself, Tom Foley, lost reëlection. Republicans this time do not need anything like that kind of a surge to reclaim power on the Hill. They don’t even need a wave. (For an excellent wonky discussion of just what a wave is anyway, and why one is unlikely this time according to the precise definition, try this piece in the Washington Monthly.)
In the House, a modest gain of just five seats would lead to a G.O.P. takeover; on average, the party in power in such midterms loses around twenty-five seats. In the Senate, Republicans need just a one-seat pickup. Math is math. The vast weight of both past history and present evidence suggests that, even with an array of too-close-to-call races in key states such as Georgia and Pennsylvania, control of one or both chambers is well within the G.O.P.’s reach.

Republicans are so close to power that they can smell it. In Washington, the spoils are being preëmptively divvied up. There are lists of who gets what committee, and lots of reporting on whether, if, and when Republicans will seek vengeance by seeking to impeach President Biden; the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas; or others. One can only imagine what a Jim Jordan-chaired House Judiciary Committee would do.

Conclusion: Anxiety-fueled apprehension peak.

Along with that tweet of the moment, maybe a sad song of the moment:

Dread or not, once again here we are…

(Illustration out front found here.)

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