Lugubrious Friday

July 28, 2023

Weekend is upon us again — however, Friday is not on my mind during, let’s say, last Wednesday. Shit really doesn’t have to make sense to comply with all rules and regulations.

Yesterday, though, was a porous news day with the awful-asshole T-Rump festering in the headlines and all in a good way. Even as we thought T-Rump might get indicted for inciting the Jan. 6 insurrection/riot, a slick punch comes from DOJ special counselor Jack Smith in the classified documents case.
Not only did the T-Rump get popped with new charges, but he and his valet/chef/literal bag man Waltine ‘Saltine’ Nauta were also joined by a third perp (TPM): ‘The new defendant, a MAL worker named Carlos De Oliveira was added to the existing conspiracy to obstruct justice count, so now all three defendants are charged in this count. In addition, De Oliveira gets his own false statements count.
Criminal shenanigans with a mafia tone: ‘The new evidence presented by prosecutors in the superseding Mar-a-Lago indictment is incredibly damaging for Trump – referred to at times by his employees simply as “the boss,” according to the indictment.

You actually, literally can’t make this shit up:

One of the more pointed, snap analyses of this latest shit came from former T-Rump lawyer, Ty Cobb (represented the Orange Turd in the Robert Mueller investigation) — legal noose getting tight and tighter:

“I think this original indictment was engineered to last a thousand years and now this superseding indictment will last an antiquity … This is such a tight case, the evidence is so overwhelming … It’s very difficult to imagine how Trump said that his lawyers met with Jack Smith today to explain to him that he hadn’t done anything wrong [Trump’s claim in the election subversion case], on the same day that Jack Smith produces this evidence of overwhelming evidence of additional wrongdoing … So this is, I think, par for the course … So this is Trump going not just behind the back of the prosecutors, this is Trump going behind the back of his own lawyers and dealing with two people” – Nauta and De Oliveira – “who are extremely loyal.”

We’ll see on that last item. If shit gets thick, T-Rump will throw either one or both under the out-of-control bus.

Now, to close out a crazy week which felt quick and was still just like all the rest of the nowadays as being too freaking full of anxiety-inducing clips of civilized mankind going to shit in a wire basket.
Friday beyond on my mind — Saturday maybe tomorrow:

And Friday to memory:

Despite feeling sad, love on a Friday (beware, it’s The Cure, however):

And to finish a Friday before a Saturday:

Remember, write it down,  rake a picture, I don’t give a fuck‘ — yeah:

Weekend of quiet, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front: New Yorker cartoon by Bruce Eric Kaplan, found here.)

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