Hunter Biden: ‘They’re Trying To Kill Me Through Other Means. And I Just Won’t Let ’Em’

December 8, 2023

Ending the workweek this Friday evening with a glance at Hunter Biden and how House Republicans can’t get their shit together to even offer nonsensical accusations at Joe Biden’s son — yesterday Hunter was indicted again on tax changes, like not paying taxes and tax evasion, nine counts in all, some felonies. some misdemeanors.

House Republicans are obviously high-level assholes without any self-awareness:

In the sequence of all this shit flaming from the idiot Republicans, Hunter today in an interview with the pop star Moby in the first of a two-part podcast appeared down to earth and right on with his side of all the shit tossed at him (and his daddy) by shithead GOPers.
Good quotes from the dialogue via the Guardian this morning:

Biden said he believes the attempts to discredit him are in the hopes that he will relapse. “There is no doubt in my mind – and this might sound like some crazy hyperbole – is that they’re trying to kill me through other means. And I just won’t let ’em.”

Biden said he does not resent Maga supporters – “for an addict, anger and resentment is Kryptonite, at least for this addict” – because they have been told repeatedly to hate him.

“If you have been fed all of these lies, from that I am a pedophile and a sex-trafficking maniac, then wouldn’t it be incumbent on you to have a deep hatred of me?” he said. “Wouldn’t it be incumbent upon you, if you saw me in a restaurant with my two-year-old on my shoulders, in his little Chewbacca outfit on Halloween, to come running up to me and scream in my face?”

The center of a number of baseless conspiracy theories, Biden described the rightwing media obsession with him as incoherent.

“I am in one sense a mastermind criminal running a global syndicate, and in the other sense I am a degenerate that can’t tie my shoes and I should never have been in business because I’m a moron,” he said. “But I’m running bioweapons labs with George Soros that are going to infect the Russian population?

“It would be funny if it wasn’t so destructive.”

Biden said after years of being advised by “the smart people in the room” to keep a low profile to avoid adding fuel to the fire, he wanted to speak out in part “because it’s not possible, I think, to think that the fire could be any hotter than it literally [is] at this moment”, and to help others in addiction – “particularly men that did not have the advantages that I had in terms of rehab facilities and professionals”.

“One of the reasons why I’m gonna survive this – and I’m gonna survive it clean and sober – is because I am not gonna let these motherfuckers use me as just another example of why people in recovery are never gonna be OK, never to be trusted, they’re all degenerates – I’m just not gonna let that happen.”

Of the political threat his troubles pose to his father, who faces what appears to be a very tight re-election battle in 2024 – almost certainly against Trump – Biden said: “I recognise that none of this is necessarily about me – they are trying, in the most illegitimate way but rational way, they’re trying to destroy a presidency. And so it’s not about me.

“And in their most base way what they’re trying to do, they’re trying to kill me, knowing it would be a pain greater than my father could be able to handle, and so therefore destroying a presidency in that way.”

Go read the whole piece — Hunter comes across a seemingly ordinary fuck-up trying not to be, and working hard at it. And appears successful in his way.

Attack the son if you can’t get at the daddy, or not, yet here we are once again…

(Illustration out front found here.)

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