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Summer Heat Waves The New Normal

July 1, 2024

(A somewhat-sweltering respite from the asshole SCOTUS bullshit from earlier today, which in turn, caused regurgitating opinions/viewpoints to fully-fester throughout the InterWebs this afternoon, all seemingly saddled with the whine-cry of ‘we be fucked…‘) Hot,…

Super Hot Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow — Welcome To The Now Of The Future

June 5, 2024

Clear, bright, and hot as shit already just past the noon hour Wednesday here in California’s Central Valley — we’re under anĀ intense triple-digit-heat advisory for the next couple of days; then a ‘cooling‘ span over…

Dustbin Of History: Republican Party Has Pooped Itself

June 4, 2024

Bright sunshine in hot air just past the noon hour Tuesday here in California’s Central Valley — we were hoping to make it to Wednesday before the heat set in this week, but no way.…