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Presidents’ Day Stink Ranking — T-Rump Dead-Skunk-Smell Last! (UPDATE: Joe Biden/Abe Lincoln Connection)

February 19, 2024

Sunshine in the midst of some big, billowing clouds this near-noon Monday here in California’s Central Valley — despite another atmospheric river crashing into the state again, we’re most likely in waiting for bad weather…

Legal-Bound T-Rump: ‘He Is Like A Walrus Snorting’ (Addendum — Days Of The Week And Eyesight)

February 14, 2024

(Addendums are supposed to be at the end of documents and other shit, but in this case, it’s being formulated at the beginning. In the lede below it has been pointed out to me, that…

House GOP One Winning-Vote Impeachment — ‘To Further Appease Donald Trump’

February 13, 2024

An arrival back in the ether — a return this early-evening Tuesday after eye surgery last week. So far, the cataract procedure is working out good, all is well and on schedule. A follow-up appointment…