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Weather Shit: California AR Cruising — Once Again!

March 21, 2023

Overcast with occasional rain showers this near-noon Tuesday here in California’s Central Valley with all the moisture buffered by some heavy winds blowing through the trees, making more frightful noises beyond the weather-minded environment. This…

Climate Change At Work Again In The Pacific Northwest: Efforts To Combat World Warming Need Bolstering — ‘A Lot Of Inaction That Gets Disguised As Flexibility, And We’re Past That Time’ And On A Short Road To Catastrophe

November 21, 2021

(Illustration found here). As weather events are more and more being closely tied to climate change and the short shadow from the just-completed COP26 (which was another climate-action cop-out) is still weighing heavily in the…

Weather the Atmosphere

February 14, 2019

(Illustration: Salvador Dali’s ‘Hell Canto 2: Giants,’ found here). Drizzle and cold-breezy this late-afternoon Thursday on California’s north coast — supposedly, rain later tonight, continuing tomorrow and on-through the weekend. The NWS, though, calls the precipitation ‘Showers,’…