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Impeachment Trial: Itinerant Circus Performers Couldn’t Be So ‘Craven’

February 13, 2021

After bombshell information dropped last night about a phone call between T-Rump and Kevin McCarthy as crazed MAGA heads were swarming the US Capitol building last month, there was a short sequence this morning where…

T-Rump Fumes At His Lawyers: ‘He’s Adrift’

February 9, 2021

(Illustration: Pro-Trump supporters storm the US Capitol, found at CNN). Clambering across the news cycle today has been copious reports on the opening day of T-Rump’s impeachment trial in the Senate, with the Democrats releasing…

T-Rump’s Actions/Words On Trial: ‘If That’s Not An Impeachable Offense, Then There Is No Such Thing’

February 9, 2021

Noon-time this Tuesday here in California’s Central Valley, with overcast skies and chillish temperatures it’s a bit gloomy winter’s day. Supposedly sunshine forecast for tomorrow, but rain expected before the end of the week. Weather…