Weekend Memory Jolt

August 4, 2013

castleAnother Sunday morning and the news-crawl continues — foggy, chilly and gloomy here on California’s north coast. Watching ‘Good Morning America,’ not paying much attention to the detail-drone, just hearing somewhat-structured noise — a low-level clamor to me just sounds of life slouching toward a conclusive encounter with the proverbial wall of pure dumb-ass.

Glenn Greenwald explained Ed Snowden, followed by a couple of Republican assholes, one being Pistol-Pete King of New York — hot-sidewalk, shit chatter.
All these Sunday morning talk shows are a way-absurd joke, bordering on the clueless ironic — a unknowing witness to the dumb-ass end of an age.

Noise and senseless-buzz, stealthy-sounds obscuring the coming perfect-storm of a domino-effect — reality in a near-instant.

(Illustration: Irvine Peacock’s ‘Castle of Illusions‘ found here).

Early last Friday, my blog site crashed. Later, I discovered the Web Host had itself crashed — my blog’s Texas-based IT guy had several other websites he manages also crash, so it was nothing with me or my laptop. Just another of those incomprehensible-to-me technical ‘glitches’ found floating amongst the InterWebs.
When I returned from work in the PM, good-old Compatible Creatures was being easily-compatible again.
First time in a long while, however, I’d missed during the work week posting at least some nugget of stupid, beyond that time my laptop was stolen — a way-personal goal for myself and this blog was to produce something new everyday, a way of working through the week, a neat way to start each day.
Before reality and the real job beckons.
No one cares but me and maybe to the baby-handful of regular/semi-regular readers.

Anyway, the rest of Friday was fairly-shitty as well, extending into work — I manage a liquor store, and one of my duties each morning is complete a thing called a Daily Sales Report — yes, the good-old, infamous DSR — which covers the day before, and is in the normal form of a form. Unbeknownst to me, the representative from the Lottery had on Thursday completely fucked-up our lottery calculations — the whole early morning was chaos and hectic.
I couldn’t figure shit, neither could the owner.
She eventually called the guy, politely chewed his ass (usually a nice guy), questioned him a bit, and we managed to figure out the computations — all’s well that ends well, I guess.
A day where the only/best thing was it being Friday.

And later on that day (after an afternoon nap), I consumed an early-evening breakfast-dinner of pancakes.
While eating an ice cream/muffin-combo desert, and watching an episode of ‘Scandal‘ via Netflix on my laptop, there was this stab of a nuanced jolt — quickly I felt a touch of frightful memory.
My entire physical being was instantly pricked into awareness — fearfully conscious of the reality.
In split-seconds, or whatever time measurements are emphasized — a way-short space — I anticipated more jolts.
But none came.
I waited. And waited. A few seconds passed and I could hear children outside, other sounds coming from the apartment complex — all was well, and normal.
Maybe, I’d felt wrong after all, and that quick instant of screaming-mad fright was for naught.
An hour or so later, as I surfed my Bookmarks, this was at Lostcoast Outpost, the best news site up here: At approximately 7:25 P.M. the USGS says that a 4.5 earthquake struck about 13 miles west of Eureka. Surely someone felt this?
A bunch from all around the area said they did in the comments section.

Over at my USGS site, sure enough, there she was — a 4.5 directly west of Eureka. I’m about 10 miles north of there.
A quick jolt started this weekend — now it’s over.

The bullshit factor for the last couple of days might be in the timing of the latest national security threat from the evil terrorists — 22 US embassies worldwide were closed today in the wake of “pre-9/11” Internet chatter.
Seems to make all that snooping by the NSA worth it, huh?
From the Guardian:

“There has been an awful lot of [terrorist] chatter, which is very reminiscent of what we saw pre-9/11,” said the Republican senator Saxby Chambliss on NBC’s Meet the Press.
“As we come to the end of Ramadan, which is always an interesting time for terrorists, and the upcoming 9/11 anniversary, this is the most serious threat that I have seen in the last several years.”
Chambliss, who was briefed by the vice president, Joe Biden, last week, said he believed the intelligence had been gathered by the NSA using foreign surveillance powers granted under section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.
“This is a good indication of why they [the surveillance powers] are so important,” he said.

Meet the press on this a good morning America!
A nuanced jolt of frantic memory in an instant — and most-likely all bullshit.

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