T-Rump — Demented, Deranged, Dotty

May 5, 2017

Sunshine finally this late Friday afternoon on California’s north coast, and reportedlyMostly Sunny‘ from now until the end of next week.
Maybe spring time has at last arrived…

Too much rain makes crazy — the T-Rump is fucking insane.
Yesterday, Psychologist John Gartner in USAToday nailed the nut:

A year ago, I warned that “the idea that Trump is going to settle down and become presidential when he achieves power is wishful thinking.”
Trump, like many successful people, shows biological signs of hypomania — a mild and more functional expression of bipolar genes that manifest in energy, confidence, creativity, little need for sleep, as well as arrogance, impulsivity, irritability and diminished judgment.
As is often typical, when Trump has achieved great success, his hypomania has increased with disastrous consequences.’

(Illustration: Edvard Munch‘s ‘The Scream,’ lithograph version, found here).

Last month, Gartner in US News & World Report on the horrid T-Rump brain:

The problem with Trump, Gartner argues, is that he displays signs of “malignant narcissim” — a personality disorder that includes anti-social behavior, paranoia and a tendency to live in one’s own, self-aggrandizing reality.
And it’s not curable, Gartner says.
“The abnormal is being normalized. That’s how dictatorships work. They take over the definition of reality,” says Gartner, who began the “Duty to Warn” movement to oust Trump.

Maybe the problem is there’s too-many T-Rumps, a mental basket case packed full of nutcase orange-flavored assholes. In this regard, the always-delightful Gail Collins in her column at the New York Times yesterday explains the various manifestations of the crazed T-Rump psych — read the whole thing, hilarious, and right on.
High points:

You remember the Somewhat Normal Republican Trump, who answers to both SNORE and SNORT, depending on his energy level at the moment.
He mainly likes to repeal federal regulations — free mentally ill people to buy guns; don’t let a little clean water stand between coal owners and their yen to dump trash.
Last week SNORT issued a tax reform plan that was classic G.O.P. in its extreme vagueness on how to pay for its multitude of cuts. (“Eliminate tax breaks for special interests.”)
Then suddenly, out of nowhere, came Weirdly Liberal Trump (WELT).
He mused about breaking up the big banks; special aide Ivanka plugged helping Syrian refugees.
Liberal Trump even expressed interest in a gas tax hike to pay for infrastructure repairs.

WELT wants to be the progressive hero.
“Pre-existing conditions are in the bill. And I mandate it. I said, ‘Has to be,’” Trump told CBS’s John Dickerson.
That was shortly before Trump went off the handle when Dickerson asked about his claims of being wiretapped by Barack Obama.
“I don’t stand by anything,” Trump said, unnecessarily, before he tossed Dickerson out of the Oval Office for pressing him on the matter.
Viewers got to witness a transformation from the new liberal presidential version to the very familiar Nearly Unhinged Trump (NUT). Actually, this one often seems more along the line of Totally Unhinged, but then we’d have to call him TUT.

Problem — there’s one too-many of these cretins…

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