Dangerous Time: ‘Losing My Civilians’

May 10, 2020

Ghastly but accurate (via Raw Story):

Ending caught me by surprise — Joe?
The video is from the UK — it works, though.

And I spied the clip yesterday, but this morning I came across a must-read companion piece to it from the June issue of Rolling Stone by Tim Dickinson, a detailed survey of how the T-Rump and his boys absolutely-completely fucked-up the coronavirus response, and needlessly let die thousands — Dickinson legitimately attaches blame to four assholes:

Dr. Robert Redfield, the director of the Centers for Disease Control, flanked Donald Trump at the podium in the White House briefing room.
It was February 29th, the day of the first reported U.S. death from the coronavirus, and the president fielded an urgent question: “How should Americans prepare for this virus?” a reporter asked.
“Should they go on with their daily lives? Change their routine? What should they do?”

In that moment, America was flying blind into a pandemic; the virus was on the loose, and nobody quite knew where.
The lives of tens of thousands hinged on the advice about to be delivered by the president and his top public-health advisers.
Trump began: “Well, I hope they don’t change their routine,” before he trailed off, and, quite uncharacteristically, called on an expert to finish the response.
“Bob?” he said.
“Do you want to answer that?”

A tall man, with a tan, freckled head, and a snow-white chinstrap beard, Redfield stepped to the podium. “The risk at this time is low,” Redfield told the country.
“The American public needs to go on with their normal lives.”

After much particulars about the following weeks, Dickinson writes:

The government leaders who failed to safeguard the nation are CDC Director Redfield; FDA Commissioner Stephen Hahn; Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar; and of course, President Trump.
Together, these men had the power to change the direction of this pandemic, to lessen its impact on the economy, and constrain the death toll from COVID-19.
Each failed, in a series of errors and mismanagement that grew into a singular catastrophe — or as Jared Kushner described it on Fox & Friends, “a great success story.”

Go read the whole piece, etc., but this low-balls the whole shit-match:

On March 6th, at the CDC headquarters in Atlanta, Redfield again stood by the president’s side.
“I want to thank you for your decisive leadership, in helping us put public health first,” he told Trump, who wore a red keep america great cap.
Redfield again called the risk from the coronavirus “low” and insisted the U.S. had only an “isolated number of clusters.”
He then made a claim that would be comical if it were not so tragic: “It’s not as if we have multiple, multiple — hundreds and hundreds of clusters” across the country.
“I mean, we’re not blind where this virus is right now in the United States.”
The next day, appearing with Pence and cruise-industry executives, Redfield encouraged American travelers to keep their reservations, and even to visit Disneyland.
Within the week, the administration’s denial crashed into the reality of the exploding pandemic.
Disney shut its parks; Trump declared a state of emergency.
Finally, on March 16th, the administration rolled out social-distancing guidelines to “slow the spread,” and the nation’s economy started grinding to a halt.

And here with are, nothing accomplished but a shit-load of unnecessary deaths, and future dying.

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘Les Deux Saltimbanques: l’Arlequin et Sa Compagne,’ found here).

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