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New Research: Arctic Heating Faster Than Previously Figured

August 11, 2022

In the politics involved with climate change — the House should sign off on the Inflation Reduction Act tomorrow, with its $369bn allotted to reduce America‚Äôs greenhouse gas emissions and invest in renewable energy sources,…

BFD: A Rose Is Still A Rose — Senate Passes IRA

August 7, 2022

Yes, indeed. It is a Big Fucking Deal. The value/impact comes not only from what’s in the Inflation Reduction Act itself but that the bill actually passed the Senate, despite the notorious Manchin-Sinema one-two franchise…

Exploding Denial — Republican State Treasurers Fighting Climate-Change Action

August 6, 2022

Not an unpleasant late-afternoon Saturday here in California’s Central Valley as temperatures are in the low 90s, and a gentle breeze even softens the air. Especially refreshing after a week’s worth of triple-digit heat —…