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Tree Die-Offs ‘On A Grand Scale’

September 20, 2016

Overcast and gray again this early Tuesday on California’s north coast, though, there was some sun near day-break, but way-gone now. Rainfall last month appeared near-normal, according to the NWS, which wasn’t much, but winter…

Unseasonable ‘Sparks’ Memory Fire

August 31, 2016

Scattered-sunshine/scattered-overcast this near-noon Wednesday on California’s north coast, counting-down the hours til the end of summer. And for this particular stretch, I’d call it, a ‘summer of fog,’ or at least, ‘one-half-to-three-quarters summer of fog,’…

Permafrost Melt — Panic, but not Full-Panic — Yet

August 25, 2016

Gray-matter again still this near-noon Thursday on California’s north coast — the marine layer feels more-chilly, though, a quick peek of sunshine much earlier might have caused a sense of colder temperatures. Now it’s deep…