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September 2, 2015

f264be62c56fb5f5bbc3bea2ac7b5e18Fat clouds and some faded sunshine this near-noon Wednesday on California’s north coast — forecast, though, is for the next couple of weeks to be fairly-nice with the NWS predicting sunny, or ‘mostly‘ sunny days.
Feels humid and a bit on the gloomy side right now.

Seemingly, gloomy all over — via UPI on Monday:

A survey by Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University shows 71 percent of American voters are “dissatisfied” with the way things are going in the United States.
That study found 41 percent of voters are “very dissatisfied,” a sharp contrast with the 2 percent percent who are “very satisfied.”
A smaller percent of American voters — 29 percent — were dissatisfied to the point of anger with the federal government, while 49 percent were dissatisfied but not angry.
Two percent feel “enthusiastic” about Washington’s efforts.

(Illustration: Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Tragedy,’ found here).

Most-likely it’s that same two percent of cloud-niners who felt ‘very satisfied’ and ‘enthusiastic’ about the direction of the country — a contrast to the coarse reality of America nowadays.
Just take GOP politics, pleeze!

A mouthful:

One of the individuals involved in making the poll, Tim Malloy, said that Americans sadly sing “along with the Rolling Stones” in saying that they are unable to find satisfaction with the way things are going in American politics.
“More than 25 percent of voters go beyond dissatisfaction to anger with government. And very few voters think Congress is doing a good job,” he said.

This a seemingly slight improvement over a Gallup poll last May in which 74 percent were sick of the whole thing (‘dissatisfied’), but appears a trend — all developing around economics:

Views of the nation’s direction have certainly been brighter in the past.
Majorities of Americans were typically satisfied with the direction of the U.S. between 1998 and mid-2002 — including a record high of 71 percent in February 1999.
But satisfaction declined steadily in the latter half of President George W. Bush’s presidency as the public grew disillusioned with the war in Iraq and the national economy suffered.
This dip in satisfaction culminated in 7 percent of Americans, a record low, saying they were satisfied with the direction of the nation in October 2008 as the global economy collapsed and the U.S. stock market plummeted.
Satisfaction improved significantly during the first year of President Barack Obama’s term — reaching 36 percent in August 2009.
It has not returned to that level since, ranging between 11 percent and 33 percent throughout Obama’s time in office.

And like everything else, only gonna get worse…

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