Be-Caucus It Hurts

February 4, 2020

Another day in the American life with politics of pure horror:

(Illustration: The T-Rump Shit-Dance found here).

Pix above is asshole-asshat T-Rump on Sunday contradicting his national anthem pose of can’t respect the flag, “Maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.”
Then get the shit out!

Worse still, the T-Rump’s fabled State of the Union is tonight and the White House is putting out the bull-crap (via Daily Kos):

“The president is a best-selling author and deeply gifted orator who packs arenas and has a meticulous and carefully honed method for writing his speeches,” Hogan Gidley, a White House lackey, said in a statement,
“whether it be at a rally, a manufacturing plant opening or the State of the Union. What the American people hear is 100 percent President Trump’s own words.”

Maybe ‘deeply-gifted baby-idiot,’ or other not-his-own words to that effect. A quick glance at the rolling-thunder clap-trap from Yahoo Finance:

The embarrassing impeachment ordeal will probably be off-limits, since it would make no sense for Trump to refer to accusations of criminality before a prime-time audience.
Instead, like other presidents, Trump will probably try to highlight accomplishments during his three years in office—especially in the economy, which is solid and could help Trump’s reelection bid.
Trump can legitimately claim the economy is doing well.
We’re in the 11th year of the longest expansion on record.
Unemployment is at a 50-year low.
Stocks are close to record highs.
And there’s no hint of recession.
Yet Trump seems unable to resist lies and exaggerations.
When he gave a speech on the economy in November, Yahoo Finance tallied 22 glaring lies on trade, jobs, interest rates, wages and Trump’s record compared with President Obama’s.
His main thrust seemed to be taking credit for economic developments that were likely to happen anyway.
If the pattern holds, Trump will probably repeat some of those lies in his State of the Union address.

No shit — Yahoo lists some most-likely lies in the T-Rump spiel.
One subject the T-Rump won’t be able to resist is the clusterfuck of the Iowa caucus, a stupid, past-it’s-prime event anyway, but last night the shit hit the fan, or didn’t — top of the news all over this morning.
And at this writing, still no winners or losers.
Why is this out-dated shit still continuing is the main question –in the way-dead of winter, in the 31st-populated state in the union without any real voter ID consensus of how the Democrat field is progressing in this really, realy way-important election year.

And let us not forget the non-trial going on in the Senate today, with the full-vote tomorrow to convict or not — despite ‘everything’…not!
Moscow Mitch with much-ironic-hypocrisy: ‘“We must vote to reject the House abuse of power,” said McConnell. “Vote to protect our institutions. Vote to reject new precedents that would reduce the framer’s design to rubble … vote to acquit the president of these charges.”

Dark days coming just in the afternoon…

(Illustration: Edvard Munch‘s ‘The Scream,’ lithograph version, found here).

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