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Villainous T-Rump Screeching on Yovanovitch: ‘Get rid of her!…Take her out. Okay? Do it’

January 24, 2020

Playing out in America’s TV land today is a clear case of a way-weird George Orwell/Terry Gilliam movie, developing a couple of plot-lines running concurrently — one a perspective in concise, factual-legal summations of the…

Liar’s Liar T-Rump’s Unmitigated Gall — ‘Now, With Me, There’s No Lying’

January 23, 2020

Here we go again today, round three in the shiftiest courtroom on earth, the US Senate impeachment trial of the T-Rump, the lowest-form president in the history of the American experiment. Moscow Mitch and the…

T-Rump Impeaches Himself –‘Honestly We Have All The Material’

January 22, 2020

Fortunately — if such a horrifying situation with the T-Rump could have anything at all to do with anything auspicious — the entire cabal of liars, cheats, dip-shits making-up the T-Rump administration is that they’re…