Lamenting the Deplorable

December 22, 2016

Slivers of faded-yellow sunshine this early Thursday on California’s north coast — big rainstorm due this afternoon, and will supposedly drench-over into all day tomorrow.

Weather the system, but not the climate — an unpresidented gloom in the T-Rump atmosphere:

It is about the candidate who was picked as president by the electoral college on Monday. People are mourning because the fate of their country will now be in the hands of an intellectually disinterested, reckless, mendacious narcissist.

If you’ve got any-kind of walking-around sense, and possess just-even half-a-heart, you should indeed feel some form of a lamentation-weeping for our age — we’re fucked beyond recognition, and as if to make matters worse, there’s the T-Rump phenomenon, nearly-potent as any greenhouse gas soaking earth.

(Illustration above found here).

Increasingly obvious the climate is shifting, and climate change is no longer science research found in studies and reports, but happening right outside your window.
And coming quick, too.

Three stories this morning from Climate Central, as warning.
Shit seems to be accelerating…

First, a report how the US is getting hotter — main points:

Climate Central conducted an analysis of more than 1,730 weather stations across the Lower 48 that include daily temperature data up until Dec. 15.
A paltry 2-percent are having a colder-than-normal year.
That leaves 98-percent running above normal.
Not only that, 10 percent of those weather stations are having their hottest year on record.

Another area where climate change caused a shift is the number of record daily highs being set, and this year has been no exception.
In November, record daily highs outpaced daily lows at a blistering 44-to-1 pace.
For the year, that ratio is 6-to-1, with more record highs than lows set in every season.
In a climate with no manmade warming, the ratio of record highs to record lows would be roughly 1-to-1.
The ratio tipping toward more record highs than lows is one of the hallmarks of climate change as extreme heat becomes common.
Rising background temperatures could mean that by mid-century, the annual ratio could approach 15-to-1, making winter cold a thing of the past and summers uncomfortably hot.

A scenario without any off-the-wall problems…

The second story on climate change and glaciers — noteworthy:

In a new study detailed this month in the journal Nature Geoscience, researchers have figured out how to link global warming to the retreat of individual mountain glaciers.
They showed that for 36 glaciers with robust records, that retreat is “categorical evidence” of climate change, study co-author Gerard Roe of the University of Washington said during a press conference at the annual meeting of the American Geophysical Union held last week in San Francisco.

And the last, another look at scary-crazy Arctic heat — highlights:

For the second year in a row, the Arctic is facing a late December heat wave (at least by Arctic winter standards).
Temperatures are forecast to soar about 50°F above normal, which would bring them near the freezing point at the North Pole.
As isolated data points, the back-to-back winter warm-ups would be weird.
But taken in the larger context, it’s part of an unsettling trend for a region that is being rapidly reshaped by climate change.

Friederike Otto, a climate scientist at Oxford who worked on this and other WWA analyses, said this one stood out for the massive role climate change played.
“In terms of the magnitude of change, this is a totally different picture than what we have seen before,” she said in an email.
“Climate change really is the game changer here. (It) increased the risk of this event occurring by several orders of magnitude!”
Adding a further twist to this winter, the researchers also found that the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation, a sea surface temperature pattern that affects the region, was in a phase that generally helps keep the Arctic cooler.
In other words, natural variations are likely keeping temperatures from spiking even higher in the region.
“The model analyses show that the event would also have been extremely unlikely in a world without anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse gases and aerosols, attributing the cause of the change to human influences,” they wrote.

And T-Rump’s complete-entire administration infested with climate-change deniers, and whack-jobs — time for sackcloth and ashes.

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