Go, Go Vote!

November 5, 2018

Way-appropriate emotional point on this eve of the big-bang Ballot Day::

Just the gut feeling — you want to feel optimistic, you want to lean-into the wondrous polls calling for a Blue Wave, but the anguish-horror of failure — if Republicans keep the House, and Senate, or even if the midterm is a return to the status-quo, most-likely the event will allow six more years of the T-Rump with his many malicious, nefarious  and mean-spirited minions to pretty-well destroy what remains of the American character/experiment. The world’s oldest democracy will cease to exist in current form.
Supposedly, seemingly rock-solid institutions nearly 300 years old can’t resist hardcore-obvious lying and cruel corruption for too long, and from there, a step into some bad shit.
And let’s not get too-heavily involved in a discussion with what will happen via climate change if the T-Rump continues in power, for the sake of frayed nerves. Only just a sliver of opportunity anyway in the next decade or so to lessen the effects of a quickly-warming planet, but with the T-Rump and his “natural instinct for science,” though, climate change is a ‘hoax,’ could possibly quicken the demise of civilization/humanity.
Nothing heavy…

Tuesday will be the first time (a bit ashamed to say it) I’ve voted since 1984 — Walter Mondale and company. Yet if a shitload of history and living and abiding wasn’t on the block, I might not have wanted so badly to voted this round.
I feel guilty about Hillary in 2016, but I had just hoped and figured voters couldn’t/wouldn’t even remotely elect one of the most-repugnant human beings that’s ever lived to be POTUS.
In this particular case on the line tomorrow is the future…

This afternoon I perused Humboldt County’s sample ballot to gear up to the booth. I’m pretty excited, and there’s even a good cultural item, Measure K, which would make the county an Immigration Sanctuary. I’m going to vote yes, of course.
And my favorite due to experience — Proposition 11: ‘Law entitling hourly employees to breaks without being on-call would not apply to private-sector ambulance employees.’ Twice in the last six months I was 911ed to Mad River Community Hospital, ‘ambulance employees‘ were johnny-on-the-spot. Dangerous business.
And in the matter of Dianne Feinstein — she’s being contested by another Democrat, Kevin De Leon, who’s the future of California politics, but not this year. Feinstein is slowly slipping, but due to our current circumstance we still want the experience.
Even if we do pull the big wave, there’s a lot of work to be done. If she can handle another six years…

You’ve probably seen the asshole ad Trump has tried to push the last few days, most of the major networks have not run it due to it being “racist,” and “divisive,” and a lie, even Fox News eventually banned it. Only after it was viewed by millions, of course.
This election is aimed at curtailing, and stopping this shit

A reporter asked Donald Trump about a controversial anti-immigration advertisement.
President Trump replied: “I don’t know about it. I mean you’re telling me something I don’t know about. We have a lot of ads and they certainly are effective, based on the numbers that we’re seeing.”
On criticism that the advert might be offensive, the US president added: “A lot of things are offensive. Your questions are offensive”

We way-need to finish this asshole…

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