GOP ‘Reels in Shock’ at Mueller Reality

May 30, 2019

Close to the end this Thursday evening of another gray-skies day on California’s north coast, with way-very-little sunshine at all.
A dog run to Little River Beach in late morning was also fog-bound, damp-breezy even. Somewhat normal weather for the time of the year, but usually fog/low clouds early, then some sun.
Not lately, and the forecast for the rest of the week shows more of the same.
However, the overall-gray does get old.
Despite a little overcast, I do feel way-guilty for petulant, weather-whining about my environment while the central US has endured some 500 tornadoes this month, maybe a record.
Location is vital…

And that geographic plot might also be between the ears.
America as displayed by the artwork to the right, by illustrator and portrait painter, Tim O’Brien (found here), is in a precarious, fearful location right now.

We’ve been pushed to that emotional state by a minority of asshole liars, who have put a wide variety of things before country. Dubbed ‘Trump-Drunk Republicans,’ they’re quickly destroying any sense of Americana left in this country.
The problem with Republicans is ignorance, either knowing, or unknowing. And a full dose of don’t-give-a-shit attitude with the whole, fucking brand.
In a Michigan town hall this week, Republican Rep. Justin Amash, the only GOPer so far to call for the T-Rump’s impeachment, not only explained his action to his own voting people, but also had to elucidate the source material for that action — the Mueller Report.
Consequence of lying in plain sight, and the way-not-informed American (Vox):

The success of this Republican campaign, reflected in conservative media coverage, to protect Trump was best captured by Amash’s own constituent Cathy Garnaat, a Republican, who NBC reported was “surprised to hear there was anything negative in the Mueller report at all about President Trump.”
“I hadn’t heard that before,” she told NBC after the Tuesday town hall.
“I’ve mainly listened to conservative news and I hadn’t heard anything negative about that report and President Trump has been exonerated.”
That comment alone cements that Amash, in becoming the first and only Republican to call for impeachment, is fighting against an entire machine — from the elected leaders to sympathetic media outlets.

And impeachment might be the only route to defeat the T-Rump, at least according to Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University in Washington, DC,, and who has predicted the Electoral College winner in the last nine US presidential elections, and yes, he foresaw the T-Rump winning in 2016.
From CNN yesterday:

Which brings me to the most intriguing — and outside-the-box — suggestion from my conversation with Lichtman: He believes Democrats in the House not only should be pushing to impeach Trump, but may need to in order for their nominee to win in 2020.

Again, here’s Lichtman:

“Democrats are fundamentally wrong about the politics of impeachment and their prospects for victory in 2020.
An impeachment and subsequent trial would cost the president a crucial fourth key — the scandal key — just as it cost Democrats that key in 2000.
The indictment and trial would also expose him to dropping another key by encouraging a serious challenge to his re-nomination.
Other potential negative keys include the emergence of a charismatic Democratic challenger, a significant third-party challenge, a foreign policy disaster, or an election-year recession.
Without impeachment, however, Democratic prospects are grim.”

Equal to the location of the asshole in regards to the heart of the brain. Republicans are truly one fucked-up pieces of shit — via New York Magazine this morning:

Robert Mueller’s brief, eight-minute remarks on Wednesday about his investigation left the non-conservatives who closely follow his work fairly nonplussed.
Mueller was simply reiterating things he had already written in his report.
Conservatives, on the other hand, erupted in outrage.
What so vexed the right about Mueller’s curt affirmation of his previous conclusions?
The answer, as we’ll see, seems to be that they believed their own propaganda about what Mueller had (and had not) found.
Presented even briefly with reality, their minds have reeled in shock.

Read the whole piece, GOPers are way-addled in a way-dangerous way…and we be fucked…

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