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T-Rump Indicted For Inciting Insurrection/Riot — ‘Fueled By Lies’

August 1, 2023

Already breathlessly awaiting the news, the vast InterWebs became awash this Tuesday afternoon with the announcement: A grand jury has indicted former president Donald Trump for multiple alleged crimes stemming from his efforts to overturn the results…

T-Rump Drowning In ‘The Swamp’ — And Legal Troubles

May 3, 2021

Although I wrote this morning on the lop-sided power of a minority Republican party to wield such chaos-causing power on American society, there is, however, apparently some chinks in the T-Rump armor, from Liz Cheney’s…

Rudy’s Home And Office Searched By Federal Agents — Shit’s Geting Serious

April 28, 2021

Once again the floating skirt-tails of the T-Rump saga darkened another dim-bulb in the continuing tale of crime, corruption, and crass behavior —  New York federal agents executed a search warrant this morning at the…