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Republicans Are Climate-Denying Assholes And Lying Terror Mongers — No Debate!

August 24, 2023

Hot and still this near-noon Thursday here in California’s Central Valley, and once again bright, glaring sunshine to melt the air before it even touches your skin — a bit overboard, but close enough. Across…

Scream Against The Violence!

August 21, 2023

Scattered clouds with occasional shivers of sunshine this near-noon hour Monday here in California’s Central Valley –we’re still dry and still awaiting rain from off Hilary, though, it apparently seems the blunt of the tropical…

Earthquake! Along With Heavy Rain, Flooding, And Maybe A Tornado, Too — California Living Nowadays

August 20, 2023

Today is one for the books — as a rare and dangerous weather event unfolded this weekend, creating the scenario where ‘Tens of millions of people are under a tropical storm warning, the first of…