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January 29, 2015

newz039-bunch-of-weed-hoardersCloudy and a bit on the chilled side this early Thursday on California’s north coast — supposedly another ‘partly cloudy/sunny’ day expected.

Responding yesterday to marijuana not being ‘more dangerous than alcohol,’ President Obama’s AG nominee Loretta Lynch nit-twitted: ‘“Well, senator, I certainly don’t hold that view, and don’t agree with that view of marijuana as a substance. I certainly think that the president was speaking from his personal experience and personal opinion — neither of which I am able to share.”

(Illustration found here).

Lynch did a lot of blubbering during her Senate confirmation hearing, and although she sided with the president on shit like immigration, her take on marijuana displayed not only an acute lack of common sense, but any realistic view of American society. Also revealed a certain set of political bullshit — somewhat like Obama.
Only a Republican idiot would answer a idiot Republican’s question (via HuffPost):

During her hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) asked, “Do you support the legalization of marijuana?”
“Senator, I do not,” Lynch replied.

And fuck the actual science, and the inroads the last few years in the medial use of cannabis — Lynch is full of shit. And dishonest.

As the noted-MSM Washington Post explained this morning:

They’re right, as a matter of medical science.
Wonkblog has noted repeatedly that alcohol is a very dangerous drug, both to users and to the people around them, and government statistics reflect the fact that marijuana is much safer.
That’s not to say it’s safe, particularly for adolescents, but Lynch appears to be overstating weed’s dangers.
This is important, as the attorney general has the authority to remove marijuana from Schedule 1, the most dangerous classification of drugs.
Doing so would give researchers a chance to study weed carefully, and figure out whether it’s possible to safely and effectively prescribe it for medical purposes.

Currently, pot is in the same category as heroin, and yet alcohol, the real, true gateway drug, is so, so legal.
Alcoholic detail from Vox:

But the empirical literature is actually very clear on this issue: marijuana is much safer than alcohol.
Alcohol is directly responsible for far more deaths than marijuana, according to the best federal data on direct health effects.
No one has reportedly died from a marijuana overdose, but tens of thousands die each year due to direct health complications, such as liver disease, brought on by excessive alcohol consumption.
Alcohol is even more dangerous than the fatality numbers suggest.
A previous report published in The Lancet took a comprehensive look at 20 of the world’s most popular drugs and the risks they pose in the UK.
A conference of drug experts measured all the factors involved — mortality, other physical damage, chance of developing dependence, impairment of mental function, effect on crime, and so on — and assigned each drug a score.
They concluded alcohol is by far the most dangerous drug to society as a whole, while marijuana fell near the middle.

But marijuana doesn’t come close to alcohol in terms of risks — indicating that, on this particular issue, Obama is right and his attorney general nominee is wrong.

One less drink for the road…and no stoned AGs.

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