T-Rump-Induced Antics: ‘Someone’s Gonna Get Shot…Someone’s Gonna Get Killed…It’s Not Right’

December 2, 2020

As we continue this Wednesday down the road toward Joe Biden’s taking office in 48 days, 22 hours and right now, 38 minutes, this country faces a blast of GOP-induced ugly that supports the shit brerathing from the anus-face T-Rump — a lede composed of a short, initial rant.
Although obvious to anyone with any kind of walking-around sense, Biden won the election and will be inaugurated on Jan 20, but a certain influential group of shit-heads mimic the T-Rump and have gone way off any kind of reservation.

Yesterday, apparently a large corner of the GOP has gone full-blown shitty in hyping former Trump National Security Adviser Mike Flynn’s crow for martial law to allow a “do-over” election:

Crazy talk for real, especially after just yesterday it was reported US AG Bill Barr said his DOJ investigators couldn’t find any evidence of widespread election fraud as espoused by the T-Rump and his bootlickers, laying it legally right out there: ‘“To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have effected a different outcome in the election.”

Reality does cross party lines even if the whole fucked-up GOP mayham is recognized as dangerous bullshit:

Sterling works for Georgia’s Republican Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, who’d already certified the state’s vote count for Biden (via New York Magazine):

On Tuesday, an official working under Raffensperger — the state’s voting system implementation manager Gabe Sterling — sounded an even more consequential alarm in an impassioned speech at the capitol in Atlanta, urging Trump to stop worshipping the false prophet of election fraud before his message results in disaster. “Someone’s gonna get shot,” said Sterling, who oversaw the recount in Georgia. “Someone’s gonna get killed.”

“I don’t have anything scripted,” Sterling said, before delivering an articulate call to Trump and his advisers.
“The people around the president know better. Mr President, as the secretary said yesterday, people aren’t giving you the best advice of what’s actually going on the ground. It’s time to look forward. If you want to run for reelection in four years, fine do it. But everything we’re seeing right now, there’s not a path. Be the bigger man here and stop — step in, tell your supporters, ‘Don’t be violent don’t intimidate.’ All that’s wrong. It’s un-American.”

Duh! Telling T-Rump to ‘Be the bigger man here,’ is fairy-tale talk, the top-tier of the GOP are just asshole human beings:

McConnell’s sketch of a proposal is nothing close to what’s required to help American weather the flooding COVID-19 pandemic, especially with employment benefits, set at expire at the end of the year. Democrats have called for more, but alas McConnell is a shithead.
Yet being a Republican business shithead asshole: ‘The plan also provides short-term liability protection from coronavirus-related lawsuits, a priority of McConnell.

Although the GOP is cratering as a social/humane organization, Mark Becker at The Bulwark this morning does consider the same observations as Mr. Sterling offered yesterday, folded into an inerview with Republican Sen Ron Johnson of Wisconsin is questions on silence in the face of shit — read the whole piece, interesting. Snips:

My discussion with Senator Ron Johnson was one that I have hesitated openly discussing for three weeks.
As a former chairman for the Brown County Republican Party, I have people I respect deeply who are still members of the party.
There are many elected officials whom I consider friends and I do not want to give reason to think twice about any conversation we have.
Additionally, I didn’t want my family to become a target, especially with my wife days from giving birth to our child.
However, given what was discussed, and given the war that leaders of the GOP such as Senator Johnson are waging on the very foundations of our democracy, I could no longer stay silent.

The TL;DR of the call was this: Senator Johnson knows that Joe Biden won a free and fair election.
He is refusing to admit it publicly and stoking conspiracies that undermine our democracy solely because it would be “political suicide” to oppose Trump.
I find this unconscionable.

I opened the conversation by remarking on my concern for the party.
I reiterated that what the GOP is doing and the direction it is going are unsustainable.
The GOP has become the party of Donald Trump, and Trumpism has become the doctrine upon which everything else is built; they are one and the same.
Senator Johnson spoke about the massive amounts of people Donald Trump brought into the party, many of whom have never cared about politics before. He said that “yes, Donald Trump is an asshole,” but the votes that Trump received, especially in Wisconsin, cannot be overlooked.

Un-fucking-believable. Party over country…a lie over truth…

(Illustration: Norman Rockwell’s ‘Art Critic,’ found here).

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