Republican Antics Hilarious, But Not Funny At All

May 24, 2021

As the US Congressional circus continues, Republicans are doing their absolute-level best to ignore the Jan. 6 insurrrection/riot at the Capitol building, or act as if it never happened, or if it did, the whole scene was a ‘tourist’ event — their best bet is to run-out the clock, let actuality just fade away: ‘It’s not quite right to say that the Republican Party is living in an alternate reality. They actually experienced the reality that they have now chosen to completely reframe.

So funny in the funnies, I forgot to laugh (click on the ‘toon to enlarge):

Yet of course, the most-logical way to drop the insurrection/riot down the memory toilet and flush it away forever, almanac-wise: 

As an affirmation of the new January calendar, I posted last week on Andy Borowitz’s take at The New Yorker regarding Kevin McCarthy’s ruminations on dropping Jan 6 from our daybooks: ‘“There’s been a lot of disagreement over whether January 6th is actually a real day in the month of January,” McCarthy said. “The American people want us to move on.”

Ah, just a GQP political maneuverable point, nothing to see here, move along, look forward, not backward.

However, the real horror of the Republican party is that it’s been festering in this corrupt, cruel, ant-democratic state for a long, long time, and it wasn’t just the T-Rump that exploded it, but the call came inside the GQP house.
Nine years ago, a report on the nowadays:

John Harwood at CNN yesterday brings us an update of a most-correct premonition:

The essay described congressional extremists, their rejection of truth, a party turning into authoritarians or “an apocalyptic cult.”
It bore a striking headline: “Let’s just say it: The Republicans are the problem.”

It didn’t mention Marjorie Taylor Greene, the deadly January 6 insurrection or Donald Trump’s Big Lie. In fact, the words “Donald Trump” did not appear at all.
Published in 2012, that Washington Post piece demonstrates more than the foresight of its political scientist authors, Tom Mann of the center-left Brookings Institution and Norm Ornstein of the center-right American Enterprise Institute.
It shows the disease within the Republican Party had spread long before Trump metastasized it.

Their conclusions — that the GOP had become “ideologically extreme, scornful of compromise, unmoved by conventional understanding of facts, evidence and science, dismissive of the legitimacy of its political opposition” — did not gain wide acceptance then.
Many journalists joined leading Republicans in dismissing them.

“I don’t get much satisfaction out of being right,” says Mann, now retired in California. “A country, and a system, like ours has to have two strong governing parties. The fact is, we only have one.”

“It’s a grim picture for the foreseeable future,” adds Ornstein.
“We have a serious risk of losing our democracy.”
GOP office-holders keep showing why.
Denying the scientific facts of climate change no longer suffices. House Republican have made honesty a disqualification for party leadership.
They fired Rep. Liz Cheney as conference chair for refusing to obscure the truth about President Joe Biden’s victory. Most rank-and-file Republicans, polls show, believe Trump’s lies about voter fraud.

When Mann and Ornstein wrote their 2012 piece, Tea Party Republicans had menaced the American economy with a debt crisis. But this year’s insurrection created physical menace — for Capitol Police, lawmakers of both parties, even then-Vice President Mike Pence.

Cheney warns that Trump may incite further violence. She told CNN’s Jake Tapper that House GOP colleagues voted against impeaching Trump because they were “afraid, in some instances, for their lives.”

A White Missourian who gained fame by pointing a gun at racial justice protesters got invited to speak at Trump’s 2020 nominating convention; he has now launched a GOP Senate candidacy.
An AEI poll this year found most Republicans agree “the traditional American way of life is disappearing so fast that we may have to use force to save it.”

What alarms them are the evolving demographic, cultural and economic realities of 21st century America. The country continues to become less White, less Christian, less financially rewarding for workers without advanced technical skills or higher education.
The GOP voting base is increasingly dominated by older, blue-collar, evangelical Whites in economically lagging towns and rural areas. Conservative media outlets stoke nativist anger over their loss of status and power.

They’re all self-centered assholes, still putting party above country. And don’t let Cheney escape the claw: ‘Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) told “Axios on HBO” that she won’t support Democrats in their fight against the GOP’s push for more restrictive voting laws — a sign that she’ll be no hero to the resistance.
Remember, she’s her daddy’s daughter.

If shit don’t change, we be lost via Pinball’s linguistics class:

Or as they say in ebonics, We be fucked.


(Image by illustrator and portrait painter, Tim O’Brien, and can be found here).

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