Republicans In The Truth Vacuum

June 3, 2021

In further context off my post late-afternoon yesterday about the brain malfunction of Republicans to handle reality of truth, which is due to way-many sources of enormous falsehoods, which in turn creates an indirect, eager push of T-Rump’s Big Lie of a stolen election, warping the basic-block of low-intelligent base of GQP voters to sense fact over obvious fiction.

One of those origins of deception, Tucker the Fucker, king of lying bullshit:

Or whiny-over-exaggeration for feelings hurt by reality:

Flashback-background story via Esquire in June 2017:

On Saturday, The Young Turks correspondent Michael Tracey interviewed Representative Maxine Waters on the street at the March for Truth in Los Angeles, California.
The exchange lasted less than two minutes and was mildly contentious but well within the bounds of a normal impromptu interview with a public figure.
When Maxine Waters ended the interview, she brushed Tracey’s arm aside with her wrist and walked away.

But, that’s not the story Tracey told. According to him, Maxine Waters’ brushing him aside was one (or all) of these words: a shove, push, swat, and/or unwarranted physical contact. He characterized the shove as not “excessively violent” and not an “assault,” but within those qualifications is an implication that the encounter was, on some level, violent. By saying it wasn’t “excessively violent,” Tracey implies there was some level of violence. There was none.

Tracey is like a tattletale second-grader who was lightly touched by another student on the playground and immediately runs to the teacher to cry that he was pushed to the ground.
So I will say to him what any second grade teacher would say: Brush yourself off and forget about it. It was nothing.

Or just unhinged cruelty — these MAGA hatters enjoy cruelty:

Details on this shit from The New York Times yesterday:

Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas has instructed state officials to end contracts with the Biden administration for shelters in the state that hold migrant children and teenagers who have been arriving alone, in record numbers, to the southwest border.

The order could affect thousands of migrant children waiting to be united with family members or other sponsors in the United States, and could create a new public relations challenge for President Biden.

“The Biden administration’s immigration policies are failing Texans, causing a humanitarian crisis in many Texas communities along the border,” Mr. Abbott, a Republican who has been calling for Mr. Biden to crack down on illegal immigration, said in the order, issued Monday.

As of Wednesday, there were close to 17,000 migrant children under the care of Health and Human Services, including more than 8,000 living in shelters across the country that have been licensed for federal use, according to a report obtained by The New York Times.
If Texas ends its contracts, it could lead to thousands of children being transferred to emergency sites that have a lower standard of care.

Truth or consequence — the study I posted about yesterday was examined  by CNN last night:

Highpoint from CNN:

It’s the latest in a series of studies that show people on the political right tend to not only be targeted by fake news, but to believe it’s correct.
The small but intensive study, conducted by communications specialists Kelly Garrett and Robert Bond at Ohio State University, shows more engaging but false stories tended to support beliefs held by conservatives, while viral news stories that were also true tended to support beliefs held by liberals.

“They all had a connection to U.S. politics in some way,” Garrett told CNN. People who identified as independent politically were excluded from the panel, and Garrett and Bond tried to keep the same people on the panel from month to month for consistency.

“It’s tempting to try and read this as evidence that conservatives are more biased or somehow psychologically predisposed to misperceptions. We can’t say that,” Garrett said.
It might be that conservatives are being targeted more.
“We have evidence the media environment is shaping peoples’ misperceptions,” he added.
“Our data suggests that the composition of the media environment is playing a great role now.”

A touch of optimism in this shit — rebuke the lie:

Individuals can also make a difference with polite engagement.
“When you see someone online, it can feel like shouting into the wind wind to try and introduce a fact check,” Garrett said.

“But the scientific research suggests that challenging inaccuracies, speaking up when someone says something that isn’t true, can make a difference.”

People you know/encounter in the flesh, not the millions and millions online.
Still a hard road ahead…

How about a suicidal tirade ‘on the tube‘ (or ‘online‘ maybe in the nowadays):

“Mad as hell…”

(Illustration out front: Pablo Picasso’s ‘The Weeping Woman [La Femme qui pleure],’ found here)

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